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Buying Certain Games From Amazon Now Requires Prime Membership

Amazon now requires a Prime membership from those purchasing certain video games directly from the retailer. This new policy does not affect buying games from third parties through the website, though.

Video Games April 22, 2016

Mathematicians Discover Pattern In 'Random' Prime Numbers

Mathematicians were able to discover a pattern for prime numbers, which have long been recognized as very random. The discovery increases the understanding of prime number behavior and may contribute to other long-standing mathematical problems.

March 15, 2016

Largest Prime Number Takes More Than 100 Days To Pronounce: Other Fun Facts About Numbers

Want a challenge? You may want to try this: experts say that it would take more than four months for a person to pronounce the largest Mersenne prime number ever found, which has over 22 million digits.

January 21, 2016

Amazon Prime Members Will Now Get A Free Trial Of The Washington Post With Membership

Amazon Prime members will now be offered a free six-month trial of the digital edition of The Washington Post, with the subscription to the paper then costing customers only $3.99 a month.

Deals September 16, 2015

Amazon Prepping Video Streaming Service Boasting Ad Support

Amazon is rumored to be working on a new way to dethrone Neftlix. The e-commerce company is said to be preparing an ad-supported version of Instant Video, which could enable it to lower the price of the premium service.

Business Tech November 21, 2014

Amazon doles out free photo storage to Prime members. What's next, a free Fire smartphone?

Amazon Prime members are getting an unexpected, but nice, surprise. The online retailer is now providing unlimited photo storage to subscribers.

Internet November 4, 2014

Google expands delivery service into more cities. Will Amazon now run scared?

Google expands its Express delivery service across more major cities and deeper into Amazon territory. Express' prices are better, but Prime's selection is wider.

Business October 14, 2014

AT&T doubles data on Mobile Share Value plans: Will its subscribers double? Unlikely

AT&T doubles the data allotment on its shared plans. The promotion is live now, but it ends on Oct. 31.

Internet September 29, 2014

ShopRunner sees opportunity in Amazon Prime price increase

E-commerce-delivery site ShopRunner hopes to entice angry Amazon customers, who do not want to pay an additional $20 for their Amazon Prime membership, to make the switch. Shoprunner is offering a free year of service to any Prime member who switches sides.

Business March 14, 2014

Amazon Prime subscription price bumped to $99

Amazon held its Amazon Prime Membership fee steady at $79 for nine years, but that changed today when the company announced a $20 increase. Higher transportation costs was the primary reason cited for the change.

Business March 13, 2014

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