Elon Musk has no plans for Starlink to go public yet, and it would most likely come in a few years, and not anytime soon, as its revenue cannot be predicted yet with the current market. Moreover, Starlink has not yet opened up its satellite internet services to people and could not bring the connection to a wider public release.

Starlink currently remains on public beta and not yet its initial public release, meaning that the company is still on its baby steps to provide service to everyone that needs it.

Elon Musk: Starlink IPO is a No-Go

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Starlink's current revenue is unpredictable, according to the popular multi-tech CEO of Tesla, SpaceX Starlink, and more (@elonmusk). This is brought mostly because the company has no concrete sales yet. In addition, Starlink is nowhere near releasing its internet satellite service, and they have been extending its supposed release date for months now, with the latest aimed for September.

Going public seems to be the least on Elon Musk and Starlink's mind, especially as it needs to improve on service first, before looking into changing its status from a private company to one with an Initial Public Offering. The team from SpaceX and Starlink have been working to provide the right amount of satellites to address their goal of expanding the network.

Many companies and organizations have stakes on Starlink, including the US Air Force, which plans to use its global internet service, among other companies, even those in space.

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Starlink: When Would it Be Publicly Available?

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Currently, there is no saying when Starlink would be available, particularly as the internet service company has promised itself to bring service by early 2021, which was not delivered. The only thing that people can do now is to register or order on Starlink's website for now and wait for the company's notice of an installation or availability of service.

The company gave another date, and it would be in September for their service to provide people what they need, particularly the long-awaited internet service.

Nonetheless, it would be on the coming three months from now, featuring what SpaceX, Tesla, and Elon Musk have to offer, rivaling terrestrial connections that people currently use.

Is Starlink Going to Deliver on Promise?

Regarding going public or having an IPO, or delivering the internet service by September, Starlink would deliver, but if problems arise, it would surely have another rescheduling for it. And while this is not new for people anymore, it would surely be a massive bummer, especially for those who need decent internet connections from providers.

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