Nintendo Switch Lite Spotted Online with Free 128GB MicroSDXC Card | Console Sells at $199.99 on Amazon SRP
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) Nintendo Switch Lite Spotted Online with Free 128GB MicroSDXC Card | Console Sells at $199.99 on Amazon SRP

Nintendo Switch Lite spotted once again online! The console now sells with a free 128GB MicroSDXC card on Amazon for its 199.99 SRP. With the number of scalpers out there, it's refreshing to see the Nintendo Switch lite selling for its SRP.

Nintendo Switch Lite Sells at SRP

When it comes to two other consoles, however, expecting to buy them at their SRP is quite impossible. This would mean both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Ever since their launch, buyers have been struggling to get the consoles due to the massive demand, the short supply, and scalpers buying out massive waves of the consoles then reselling them at higher prices.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, however, although still selling quite fast, is not as affected as the PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock. TechRadar shows the portable console's SRP at $199 and so far it remains consistent. While there might be less competition for the Nintendo Switch Lite, buying consoles in general at their SRP is quite difficult.

China GPU Situation

The same is being said with GPUs as the demand rises. Not only are gamers buying up GPUs, due to the popularity of crypto, more and more crypto miners have been buying GPU stocks as well. With the crackdown on Chinese crypto, however, the market might see a stabilization on GPU prices.

For those that don't know, China is actually responsible for a whopping 65% of Bitcoin mining around the world, according to CNBC. Due to these numbers alone, the exit of Chinese cryptocurrency miners could shed light on GPU prices. This, however, still remains to be seen.

Products that are Hard to Buy Online

Although the situation might be improving, buying GPUs at their SRP is still very difficult as of the moment. The same goes for consoles like the PS5 restock and the Xbox Series X restock which are both really hard to catch online. There is, however, a way to help regular buyers increase their chances of purchasing these consoles or GPUs.

Buyers can follow PS5 restock trackers or Xbox Series X restock trackers online. There are also accounts that focus on GPU restock. There is also a specific account, however, that focuses on almost everything pertaining to gaming.

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PS5 Tracker / Game Tech Tracker Online

Wario64 has had a successful track record when it comes to restocks online. The account was also the one that gave the update regarding the new Nintendo Switch Lite restock that comes with a free 128GB MicroSDXC card on Amazon. 

For gamers that might have missed other console restocks and think the Nintendo Switch Lite could be a good fit, click this link to check the product out online. There are also other colors available during the time this article was written. Simply browse through the product on Amazon to check them out.

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