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Xbox Cloud Gaming will run on the Xbox Series X, bringing players faster and higher quality streaming but with limited access. Microsoft's popular cloud gaming platform known as the Xbox Cloud Gaming is reportedly getting a banging performance upgrade.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Blade Servers

According to the story by XDA-developers, sometime earlier this month, Microsoft had just revealed that it was in the company's final stages of upgrading Microsoft's main data centers all around the world with the new Xbox Series X hardware. 

It currently looks like the brand new hardware upgrade is finally complete, with certain users being able to see options for them to select higher graphics and achieve higher frame rates on different games. Switching to the brand new Xbox Series X-based blade servers will promise users faster loading times along with higher frame rates in order to achieve improved graphics performance.

Faster Loaing and Better Graphics Options

ArsTechnica spotted certain games like "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" load significantly faster and even offer better options for users to be able to select some higher-resolution or achieve higher framerates. The upgrade, however, won't be that noticeable on every single title.

An example of this is that ArsTechnica notes that Ori and "the Will of the Wisps" would still normally take up to a minute and 44 seconds before finally being able to reach the main screen, while the "NBA 2K21" won't show a lot of difference. The article by XDA-developers notes that it seems like there still has to be some optimization done on Microsoft's end.

Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming

Up until today, Microsoft was still making use of the Xbox One S-based blade servers. Every single server reportedly consists of eight different customized Xbox One S units in a particular 2U enclosure. The new upgrade will allow users to have access to faster speeds and better frame rates.

Microsoft currently plans to bring the Xbox Cloud Gaming to the official Xbox One Console sometime later this year. The Xbox Cloud Gaming will be adding support for certain web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Limited Access

As of the moment, the Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming is available for use in 22 different countries. However, it still remains an invite-only type of service. Microsoft is reportedly going to be bringing the cloud gaming service to a number of different markets like Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and even Japan.

Microsoft is now working with TV manufacturers in order to integrate the Xbox Cloud Gaming service more directly into smart TVs. In addition to this, the Xbox app for PC is also set to receive strong cloud gaming support. Aside from this, the Redmond firm is also reportedly working on a new Xbox game streaming device that should allow players to play Xbox Cloud games through a TV simply.

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