"Mario Golf: Super Rush" will be having a one-day update before it becomes available to Nintendo Switch on Friday, June 25. When it comes to short updates, the practice of the Japanese company has been carried out to some of the games that recently came out on the console.

Last month, "Miitopia" released two full patch notes, which mainly include bug fixes and improvements in the user interface. Another Nintendo game that received a single-day update is the "Game Builder Garage," released on June 11.

With the arrival of Version 1.1.0 to "Super Rush," Nintendo launched minor changes for a better user's gaming experience. Here are the complete details for the newest patch.

'Mario Golf: Super Rush' Version 1.1.0 Full Updates

'Mario Golf Super Rush' V.1.1 Patch is Now Out--Here is An Advanced Review of the Game
(Photo : Nintendo via screenshot)
"Mario Golf Super Rush" releases the first update.

According to Nintendo Life, the June 24 patch includes the following:

Cup competition

  •  There is now a Yes/No option if you want to choose between the events. The response "Yes" will indicate that an event will happen at regular intervals during the gameplay

Adventure in the Mario world (adventure mode)

  •  Added "lesson" where players can explore learning spinning techniques and overcome teeing amid the wind participation. You could learn more about the learning areas of each town from Hammer Bros.
  •  Adjusted some of the game's effects as you progress.
  •  Added Putter, Approach, and Challenge of "Shot from the tee." The update introduced many additional challenges that you can encounter from Fire Bros. You can find them in each town's practice area.

Swing operation

  •  "Swing" will now appear on the screen when you attempt to swing.
  •  The game balance for swing input is now adjusted.

Local communication / online communication

  •  Changed to display the name of the opponent player.
  •  During the play, you can now see the communication status in the game.


  •  Adjustments in the placements of character information during the gameplay
  •  Adjustments made when the game results appear
  •  Adjustments in the game balance and various problem fixes to improve the overall user experience.

Besides the update, Nintendo announced that "Mario Golf Super Rush" will sport free content updates during the E3 Direct last week. We could potentially see new characters, courses, golf ball designs, and more.

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'Mario Golf Super Rush' Advanced Review

Several game reviews emerge as part of the game's early release, Daily Mail reported. Peter Hoskin rated the Switch game with four stars out of five. Currently, you could purchase it at $59.99.

'Mario Golf Super Rush' V.1.1 Patch is Now Out--Here is An Advanced Review of the Game
(Photo : Nintendo via screenshot )
"Mario Golf Super Rush" sneak peek

According to the review, the game would be the best game for the "serious" golf fans. On the other hand, non-golf lovers could have a hard time loving the game.

The game's aesthetics are noteworthy to jot down. The game sports a suitable environment for teeing. The Italian plumber will remain as the main character of the game.

'Mario Golf' Extra Modes

The latest game title will be narrated through the Golf Story. It's easy to learn when it comes to mechanics compared to other golf games, even though its details overshadow some of its features.

You could enjoy extra modes for the game, including story-based mode and the "Mario Kart Battle Golf." There is also a Speed Golf which will challenge your quickness.

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