A Tesla Model S Plaid owner claimed that its airbag fell off his hands before he even left the parking lot of the dealership. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Owner Claims AirBag Falls Off His Hands Before He Even Left Dealer’s Parking
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Ricco Kimbrough, a TikToker fond of featuring cars, uploaded a clip narrating his outrage with the latest Tesla vehicle that he recently got his hands on. Currently, he posts videos documenting his disappointment with his new purchase. 

According to Daily Mail, the public school teacher paid a total of $89,190 for the Tesla Model S Plaid with an alleged broken airbag. 

Tesla Model S Plaid AirBag Falls Off 

The series of videos of Kimbrough began showing the new Tesla owner enjoying the cabin of the latest vehicle as he played rap tunes in the background. He then went on to boast the touch-screen infotainment system of Elon Musk's EV company. 

However, the new owner started to be disgruntled by the fifth installation of his video series on TikTok. The camera panned to the Yoke steering wheel of the vehicle — not to show it off but to film the airbag dangling off it.

He dubbed the airbag issue as a "cheap baloney" and said that the flaw is unacceptable.

Tesla Owner with Faulty Airbag Follow Up TikTok Videos

Further videos showed Kimbrough clouded by frustration as he discovered that the airbag is not connected to the steering wheel as well, merely sitting on top of it. 

As he grew irritated, he even said that Tesla "is not the safest car," contrary to the company's claims. 

Unilad reported that Tesla claimed on its website that their cars are "engineered to be the safest in the world." 

Elon Musk's company further said that its drivers, passengers, and other drivers of other brands are kept away from harm due to its standard of safety. Meanwhile, the Tesla CEO flaunted during its launch that the newest vehicle is faster than falling

Tesla has yet to respond to the unfortunate experience of the new Model S Plaid owner. 

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Advice to Tesla Buyers 

Kimbrough concluded the series of clips by likening the quality of Tesla's builds to LEGOs. As such, he advised other buyers to check their purchases before leaving the dealership. 

Elsewhere, if you're planning to get a Tesla Model S Plaid, here are some hidden features you should know about. 

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