Mercedes-Benz USA  informed the public that their cloud storage platform leaked their customers' personal information by mistake.
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Mercedes-Benz USA recently informed the public that their cloud storage platform leaked their customers' personal information by mistake.

Details Are Unclear

A report coming from Reuters said that the people who are at fault did not discuss any further regarding the supposed leak. What's more? The automotive brand did not make public what they did to contain and control the leak.

No word has been given out regarding the people involved in the leak and what the penalties are for them. However, they did mention that none of the personal files were used maliciously and that the leak has nothing to do with their systems being hacked.

This is the first time the company has faced this issue regarding a massive customer leak and the lack of information provided that they don't want to talk about it even further. From the company's official website and other platforms, there isn't any news regarding the leak.

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What Was Exposed

The company was quick to inform the public that the data consisted of customers' credit scores, social security numbers, driver licenses, and credit card information. The company mentioned that the confidential information came directly from potential buyers and existing customers when dealing with the official or dealer's website.

The files were dated as far back as January 2014 to June 2017. Reuters' report didn't seem to cover any news about how the company is handling each individual whose private information has been leaked to the public.

The data has been "accidentally" made accessible. Since then, the company has been able to fix the leak before it released more of the contents in the cloud storage platform the company is currently using. The automotive company didn't mention how customers would know that their information got leaked first to be properly compensated.

What Mercedes-Benz Offers to Appease Disgruntled Customers

The only solution they came up with is to provide a complimentary two-year subscription to a credit monitoring service, as for the credit monitoring service, no specifics for exactly which company Mercedes-Benz chose to help those who were infected from the leak as no details were discussed.

There are several credit monitoring services that Mercedes-Benz USA can tap. Still, it unclear just who they will be using, and the company has yet to release an official statement for more information regarding the matter.

After the news broke regarding the incident, Mercedes-Benz stock plummeted two percent as of the time of this writing. The time of the first news regarding the leak coincides with the sudden drop in stocks as a means that people are losing faith or a number of people are now getting worried from unclear information. 

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