Microsoft Windows 11 has been reported that it would disable Internet Explorer on its platform, no longer allowing the old browser to function or appear on its platform. This would be the same case for those who will upgrade from Windows 10, and move on to the latest operating system by the Redmond giant which would soon release. 

However, this does not mean that Internet Explorer would be immediately extinct, as its support until June 15, 2022, remains from Microsoft, but would only be applicable for Windows 10 operating systems, or below.

Windows 11 No Longer Supports Internet Explorer

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UKRAINE - 2021/06/24: In this photo illustration a Windows 11 logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen in the background. Microsoft has presented Windows 11, new generation of Windows operating system (OS), during an event on June 24, 2021.

Ever since Microsoft Edge, the long-time web browser of the company was already numbered, and Internet Explorer's existence was being counted until when Microsoft decides to fully cut it off. Ever since Internet Explorer's release in 1995, it has stayed on with the Windows OS, until its final build of IE 12, which saw its existence in the latest Windows 10 update.

However, that would not be the case anytime soon, especially as Windows 11 would be the first operating system version of the company which would be dropping off the almost 26-year-old web browser. Internet Explorer had a staggering career or run within Microsoft, especially as a lot of users have complained about its loading speeds and performance.

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While not being the most reliable web browsers in the market, it certainly was one of the firsts which popularized the use of the internet and making it available for everyday users.

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Microsoft Edge to Star in Windows 11

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Now, which browser would be the best for Windows 11? Of course, it is none other than the popular Microsoft Edge, which has given the company's browser a chance for redemption. Internet Explorer reviews have given Microsoft Edge an initial bad name, but its performance and features have proven it wrong, as it finally stepped out of IE's overcast. 

The Edge was met with good reviews, and it even surpassed a long-time rival, Google Chrome, which has been previously preferred over Internet Explorer and once hailed the fastest. Talking about poetic justice, Microsoft Edge is now one of the most superior web browsers, and one of the safest, as it takes fewer data and has certain security measures. 

Microsoft has improved on its browser venture and is taking off its rotten fruit of Internet Explorer, away from Windows 11, which is an ideal move, to completely market it off as a better operating system.

Internet Explorer Support Remains Until 2022

Nonetheless, those who are staying with Windows 10 for the time being, or are opting not to switch to the latest operating system once it prompts for a free download will still be able to utilize Internet Explorer. That is, of course, if people still use the web browser in Windows, and have not opted for either the Edge, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. 

The support will remain until June 15, 2022, which gives users less than a year from now, in experiencing a supported version of the Internet Explorer, before it gets completely cut off. 

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