Google Admits if Information Being Searched 'Isn't Online Yet' | When Shouldn't You Believe Search Results
(Photo : Screenshot From Google Website) Google Admits if Information Being Searched 'Isn't Online Yet' | When Shouldn't You Believe Search Results

Google admits to users if information that is being searched for turns out not good enough. In the past few days of other fast-paced as well as ever-changing news stories, Google Search is also trying to keep up.

Google Search Update

Microsoft just announced the Windows 11 which is a huge leap for the company. When it comes to Google, the company states that obtaining timely and reliable information is very important these days. The company also said that whether users learn of something through the use of social media or maybe through a friend, most people still turn to Google in order to either find more about the topic or at least fact check what they might know.

In a recently uploaded blog post that was released by Google, the company said that "Google search" will still always be there along with a number of its useful results that the company provides. There are, however, some instances wherein users won't be able to find reliable information online.

Google's Focus for Google Search

Google notes that this can actually be very true for other emerging topics or even breaking news. These sort of things happen when the information that has just been published first might not really be the utmost reliable.

In order to combat this, Google notes that it will be able to detect whenever a topic is evolving really fast and a range of different sources have not yet been weighed in. In those particular cases, Google will also be including a notice suggesting that the users should come back later on in order to check when more resources have finally started to weigh in, according to the story by PhoneArena.

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Google New Feature Roll Out

Some time last year, Google even started to include a certain message when the search engine would not be able to match the user's search results that well. The more recent "about this result" panel that Google just rolled out will now allow Google Search users to be able to find out even more information about the sources that were used within the app in order to help them decide as to whether or not they can actually feel confident in the answers that the users are receiving.

Google also states that across the new features, the ultimate goal is to help provide users with more context regarding their search results. This will help their users make more confident evaluations regarding the information that they will be able to find online. The new notices are expected to roll out in the United States and certain users will be given access to this new feature in other regions over the course of the next few months.

The new feature aims to fight against misinformation at least notifying the user when Google itself isn't confident with the search results. Whenever a topic lacks sources, Google will notify its users and help them make better judgement calls as to whether or not they should trust the sources.

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