Square Enix 'NEO: The World Ends With You' Demo Officially Released | How to Download
(Photo : Screenshot From Nintendo Website) Square Enix 'NEO: The World Ends With You' Demo Officially Released | How to Download

Square Enix is finally releasing "NEO: The World Ends With You" on the official Nintendo Switch.

For those gamers that have been a fan of Square Enix games and have been waiting for the new "NEO" game, well, it's finally here!

'NEO: The World Ends With You' Demo Officially Out

According to an article by NintendoLife, the game is still quite exciting even though some gamers might have not yet played the original game. The original game has actually been referred to as a cult hit during the previous DS generation. The Demo is finally available online.

Yes! This means that Square Enix themselves will be allowing players to try the game out before deciding to buy the game itself. The demo released on June 25, which is a month before the full game is expected to come out.

Square Enix 'NEO'

The information regarding the release date was officially revealed during the end of the game's final trailer.

The trailer is a five minute overview of what gamers can expect of the upcoming game, and by the trailer alone, it seems like "NEO: The World Ends With You" should be a nice addition to Square Enix fans and "NEO" fans as well.

Basically fans are given the confirmation that on June 25, gamers will be able to download the free demo and finally start their adventure in "NEO: The World Ends with You." Gamers should start getting ready when the full game will be dropping on both the PlayStation 4, as well as the Nintendo Switch this coming July 27.

Square Enix Demo Download Online

In the demo, players will be able to meet Rindo and Fret as they are fighting hard in order to change their fate. Along the way, players will be able to collect and develop certain powerful psychic pins, as well as be one of the first to embrace and experience frenetic combat directly against something players will see as the mysterious Noise.

In addition to this, players will be able to progress in the demo and can transfer across to the whole game. It is important to note that players would still need to play the demo and the full game on the exact same platform.

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How to Download 'NEO: The World Ends With You' Demo

As of the moment, the "NEO: The World Ends With You" demo is finally available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and will require players to have at least 1.7GB of space.

Players can also check out the Nintendo official website to learn more about the game itself.

For fans of other Square Enix titles like "Final Fantasy VII" remake, "NEO: The World Ends With You" is actually a very nostalgic Square Enix game that gives that fantasy-feel, which most Square Enix games are known for. For those that want to try out other games that play around the Square Enix rules, this is a good game to try out.

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