Elon Musk thinks China's Zhurong Mars Rover is "Cool," after it has uploaded another video that shows the progress of the Asian country's mission on the neighboring planet, which has traveled hundreds of feet away from its lander.

It is a massive achievement for China's Zhurong, especially as it has taken the world by storm with its plans and ventures that immediately saw a launch for the rover. The unexpected launch happened amidst the focus of people on NASA's Perseverance. It has drawn in much attention, consisting of mixed reviews, even one from the SpaceX CEO.

China Zhurong Mars Rover

The Zhurong rover is seen as something that would contribute to the global space industry, where China would hopefully share its discoveries and findings with the scientific community that studies it. Recently, it has released another video progress has, and it showed that the spacecraft has already traveled 774 feet from its landing surface.

China's Tianwen-1 Mission Zhurong Rover
(Photo : Tom Fulop-Lover of all things SPACE Flag of Australia (@TomFulop) from Twitter)

The launch that was made by the Zhurong mission has shocked the world on how much China and the CNSA (China National Space Administration) progressed. Before this, China has had many problems and conflicts within its space administration, including the return of its Long March 4B rocket which crash-landed.

The company has shown a lot of promise and progress with its recent achievements and is somehow dominating the space industry with the Zhurong on Mars.

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Elon Musk Says Zhurong is 'Cool'

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On the other hand, a famous tech CEO and Billionaire, Elon Musk (@elonmusk), has reacted to Zhurong Mars Rover's progress on Twitter, saying that its current status is "cool." This is a lot, coming from someone who is also into the space race, particularly with the private company of SpaceX, which has achieved many recognitions and milestones with regards to space.

Musk is also known as an avid fan of Mars, which he has been seen as its future President or leader, as the first civilization would be established there by SpaceX, the city being called "Nuwa." Not much has been said by Musk regarding this progress, but he has highly regarded news from the past about China's space missions.

Will Zhurong and Perseverance Crossover?

Zhurong is at the Utopia Planitia, and the Perseverance rover from NASA is currently at the region of the Jezero crater. These places are far from each other, and no, there are no talks of a crossover or seeing each other on the Red Planet between these rovers and the two space agencies.

Despite the quirky appearance of Perseverance in social media with its selfies, it seems that it may not reach the other side or meet halfway with Zhurong.

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