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PS5 restock alert notes new stock could be dropping on the first of July this 2021. A PS5 restock tracker Twitter account gives news of new stock that could be dropping this July 1, 2021 and a discord group to follow.

PS5 Restock Online

Buying the PlayStation 5 from online retailers has been extremely hard and almost impossible ever since its official launch due to two reasons: scalpers and the global chip shortage. While it was expected that the demand for the PS5 would be extremely high, one thing that wasn't expected was that the supply would be limited.

Due to the global chip shortage, even Sony announced that the scarcity of their latest console would still last well until 2023, according to Tom's Hardware. The PlayStation 5 isn't the only console suffering from the chip shortage, even its Microsoft competitor, the Xbox Series X, is also struggling to keep up with demand.

Global Chip Shortage

Aside from the short supply, another reason why buying the new consoles is extremely hard is because of scalpers. Scalpers have been using bots to purchase all available PS5 online stock and Xbox Seres X online stock leaving next to nothing for buyers. Bloomberg covered how these scalpers have been using bots to wipe out available PS5 stock online.

Aside from those consoles, another product that has been extremely hard to buy are GPUs. While the battle used to be AMD vs. NVIDIA when it came to GPUs, the battle is now buyers versus any available supply sold at SRP. As of the moment, it's close to impossible to buy a high powered GPU at its SRP due to the markup in price caused by the saturated demand.

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Buy PS5 Online

For those that aren't aware, the reason why GPUs have become massively in demand is because of the popularity of cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin mining in general has become extremely popular. The effect cryptomining has on GPU prices can be seen with the recent exodus of China.

China's ban on crypto mining has sent GPU prices down by a whopping 45%, according to another article by Tom's Hardware. This is a massive drop for GPU prices due to just how active China is when it comes to crypto mining. For those that don't know, according to an article by CNBC, China is actually responsible for 65% of Bitcoin mining. This means China crypto miners use massive amounts of GPUS which are needed for mining.

Going back to the PlayStation 5, according to a PS5 restock tracker Twitter account, there is a new wave of PS5 stock online expected to surface this July 1, 2021. In order to get better updates, the tracker provided a link to a Discord group which is expected to give buyers updates when new PS5 stock is available and where.

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