Amazon PS5 Restock Alert | Employee Claims 1,000 Units Coming This July 2021
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon PS5 Restock Alert | Employee Claims 1,000 Units Coming This July 2021

Amazon PS5 restock alert notes new stock could be coming soon! How much new stock and how soon? According to an Amazon employee, 1,000 new units could be coming to the online retailer this July 2021!

Amazon PS5 Restock Online

Although the Amazon Prime Day PS5 restock wasn't that satisfying for some buyers since the stock vanished in only a couple of seconds (like it always does), Amazon could be loading up on 1,000 consoles this July if the rumors are true 2021. During the past few months, certain PS5 restock trackers have been announcing a lot of Amazon restocks.

Although not too frequent, the online retailer is one of the stores that is known to have new stocks every once in a while. In a new post on a particular PS5Restock subreddit, one particular user claiming to be a certain Amazon warehouse worker now reports an upcoming excess of PS5 stock.

Amazon Will Have 1000 New Units

It was noted that Amazon will have 1000s. It was also stated that there are now at least 50 at the leaker's warehouse alone, according to Sure-Estate-8094. It was said that there is no telling just how many Amazons actually have, but all that is known is that they aren't showing any of their true numbers.

As of the moment, there's still no guarantee that the said Reddit user does work for Amazon. However, it seems like the Redditor is able to provide users with a seemingly new picture coming from what looks to be inside an Amazon local warehouse. In the picture, a number of PS5 consoles are visible and look to be ready for sale.

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Amazon PS5 Restock After Amazon Prime Day Sale

The Reddit user, however, isn't able to provide any more evidence to help support the claims that thousands of PS5 consoles will be available. However, just a single warehouse having 50 units of stock at least does suggest that the retailer would have a surplus of systems even after the Prime Day's sale.

There is no news as to when the new PS5 will be dropping but one thing that is sure, if the videos aren't old pictures, is that new waves of PlayStation 5 units are already in existence. The manufacturing of new PS5 units has been slow, and sadly, Sony says that stocks will still be short until 2023 at least.

Of course, the Amazon PS5 restock isn't the only restock that buyers have to watch out for. Make sure to follow certain online PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts to get notifications as to when new PS5 stock online arrives. Other online retailers are getting new PS5 restocks every once in a while. Of course, purchasing the PS5 restock also depends on how fast buyers can move and purchase the new PlayStation 5 online.

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