Messaging Platform Ably Raises $70 Million Worth of Funds to Develop Real-Time App Features
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Ably is a pub/sub messaging platform that most companies use to develop various real-time features that improve their products. The company raised a total of $70 million in funding for its Series B round, which is co-led by Dawn Capital and Insight Partners.

What Are Messaging Platforms For?

Every day, almost everyone in the world uses various messaging apps to fetch data in real-time. 

Whenever users send a message to their favorite group chat, they edit a collaborative document or video calling loved ones; they expect to receive and send stuff within seconds.

It has to feel instantaneous as if users are speaking to one another face-to-face. Otherwise, the system will seem broken.

How Does Ably Work?

Ably is a Pub/Sub, a popular system that lets users create real-time features, and it is a publish-subscribe tactic.

Based on its name, users publish and receive various forms of data through the same channel using the model.

According to TechCrunch, users who prefer to receive data in real-time could establish real-time connections through Ably. They can do so by saying that they want to get future messages routed through their channels.

Whenever someone sends a message, it would be routed to the subscriber's channel as quickly as possible. Ideally, it will arrive in less than a second.

It works similar to push notifications on users' smartphone devices, except that they eventually go through Apple's and Google's push notification services in time.

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Ably's Road to 70 Million Funds

Numerous real-time platforms act as service providers in the market. These include services developed by Google Could and Amazon Web Services. 

Despite going up against big companies, Ably still believes that it utilizes the best technology platform in the market. The company confirmed that it could build a vast, standalone real-time API-based startup. 

Ably's existing investors, such as Forward Partners, MMC, Triple Point, and Digital Horizon took part in the company's funding round on June 30.

Ably Cofounder and CEO Matthew O'Riordan said they thought real-time data would not do experience any good instead of enhancing them. However, Ably customers now contact the company at various pain points. 

Based on the report, Ably might be using various services to accommodate its real-time features, or maybe it simply does not scale too well.

Ably's Major Clients

Ably handles major companies like Bloomberg, Hopin, Tennis Australia, and Verison. Sadly, Ably's clients within the social media space could not be disclosed due to privacy reasons.

Companies that use Ably's services pay depending on usage. It covers concurrent connections, channels, and the number of messages that the company receives and delivers.

Overall, Ably approximately reaches 250 million devices each month. It has 65 employees as of June, and the company is expecting to hire 125 new employees before 2022 ends.

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