US Falling Behind Against China and Europe in Producing Electric Vehicles
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The US is lagging behind in third place against China and Europe in development of electric vehicles in the global scale of things.

The Story so Far

You would be right to be shocked knowing that America has the most tech giants like Tesla, GM, Ford, and other big named companies always on the news telling about their own innovations when it comes to electric vehicles.

However, latest reports confirmed by the International Council on Clean Transportation have shown the numbers.

China is sitting comfortably in first place as the world's leading electric vehicle maker with 44% of the global EV production since 2020. The total number of electric vehicle cars made were about 4.6 million units in both sales and production.

People would say that China is the obvious choice to hold the number one spot given its massive manufacturing capabilities and manpower and that the US would be next in line.

However, Europe holds the second spot with 25% of the global production, and has made 2.6 million and sold 3.2 million this year alone.

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Electric Vehicle Supply and Demand

ICCT has said that the development of the events has to do with two key factors that favor the growing China and Europe.

For one, there are more people committed to global electric vehicle makers in those places, and that they have better infrastructure built that gives incentives and lastly, better regulations.

From the massive $345 billion EV investment by global car makers, the US only can reach up to 15% of that profit, and much worse is that the US only has 5% being directed to the assembly plants of electric vehicle production. With such a massive budget disparity, it seems the US is not likely to surpass Europe and especially China anytime soon.

Amongst the 44 American assembly plants, only seven are committed to producing only electric vehicles in the year 2025 onwards.

From the numbers alone, the US has no real way of catching up against its competitors or not at all.

US Not Focused on Electric Cars

The US only covers 18% of the cumulative electric vehicle manufacturing based on the recent stats. This number actually is lower compared to the 2017 stats on which the US had 20%.

As of now, Americans are more focused on sticking with the traditional cars that they all know and love. Despite people like Elon Musk, big guy of Tesla, tries to convince them that electric cars are here to stay.

The future is certain that amongst the rest of the world, the people of China and Europe are way ahead in forward thinking that electric vehicles make more sense, and innovations towards them are going to be better for the world at large.

This begs the question, how important is the use of traditional gas-based engines as compared to electric engines? And just how many people are willing to switch over to them if they had the chance to own an electric vehicle.

The stats will show over the years and one thing is for certain, China and Europe electric vehicle capabilities and sales are going to stay ahead unless the US completely shifts their focus. 

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