Sakura Revolution Shutdown Postpones Delay to July 20, 2021 | Play it Before it Goes Away!
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"Sakura Revolution" is a massively popular mobile game, and it's shutdown is delayed until July 20, extending its lifespan for another 20 days.

Game Information

If you're familiar with the "Sakura Wars" franchise, then it's most likely that you've played or are still playing this game. "Sakura Revolution" is a mobile spin-off that lies in the world of "Sakura Wars." The series has been around since 1996 for Sega Saturn and Dreamcast for most of the part, garnering a massive fan base.

"Sakura Revolution" is the brainchild of Delight Works and has also released popular mobile titles like "Fate/Grand Order," providing the studio a massive boost of income and fans.

The game has received over five updates before it's inevitable shutdown. 

According to Combat Revue, the final update released in late May saw the protagonist Shino as well as the new Imperial Combat Review after a victorious campaign within the Kinki region. The game was released in Apple's iOS and Google's Playstore on December 15, 2020, which included two main story chapters.

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Why Delay the Shutdown

Sega and Delightworks have both decided to extend the games lifespan while DelightWorks is currently working on a newer but offline version of "Sakura Revolution." It means that existing players can still continue to interact with the collection of game characters they have collected over time.

The management responsible for the "Sakura Revolution" had to revise the game's closure schedule originally for June 30, and will offer an open refund application on July 20 this year, as per Siliconera.

The offline game is available for a limited number of gamers to try out after the shutdown, and will shortly be open for the public once everything is settled.

'Sakura Revolution's' Rise and Fall

When "Sakura Revolution" first debuted in both the App Store and Play Store back in December 2020, it reached over half a million downloads, then on January 21, it celebrated a million downloads.

Shortly after in February of this year, it reached 1.5 million downloads and was steadily increasing.

Despite the millions of people playing the game, a large number of critics started to appear and compare the game to another title developed by the same studio, "Fate/Grand Order," saying that the game is more optimized and has more of the developers attention compared to "Sakura Revolution."

With the massive backlash, the studio finally started development on an offline version that would replace the online version and would be made available a few months after the supposed server shutdown of the game.

For now, it's the best time to go and play the game just to see if you're willing to go for the offline version and collect and enjoy as much as you possibly can within the 20 days left before "Sakura Revolution" signs off.

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