'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster' Preorder for 20% Off Before July 28 Launch | Here's How
(Photo : Screenshot From Steam Website) 'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster' Preorder for 20% Off Before July 28 Launch | Here's How

"Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster" is finally available for preorder and before it's launch on July 28, 2021 just a few days ahead! For those that are able to preorder the games now, "Final Fantasy" announced that gamers can get a 20% discount.

The official "Final Fantasy" Twitter page announced that in order for gamers to avail the 20% discount, they should pre order right away on Steam. For those that haven't heard the news, Square Enix is making a pixelated package including most of the classic "Final Fantasy" games.

'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster' Inclusions

  • "Final Fantasy"

  • "Final Fantasy II"

  • "Final Fantasy III"

  • "Final Fantasy IV"

  • "Final Fantasy V"

  • "Final Fantasy VI"

The bundle will be giving gamers all six of the popular "Final Fantasy 1" to "Final Fantasy 6" games at a discounted price. The bundle would also include a special soundtrack as well as feature three tracks coming from each game. Gamers will also be getting two really unique wallpapers for every game.

Gamers can enjoy the universally updated 2D pixel graphics as well as the classic Square Enix beautifully rearranged soundtrack. According to Steam, the gameplay has been significantly improved with the use of modernized UI as well as other extras like illustration gallery, beastiary, and the classic music player would allow gamers to immerse themselves further into the game's world.

'Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster' Release Date

10AM PDT on July 28, 2021 for the "Final Fantasy," the "Final Fantasy II" and the "Final Fantasy III."

The "Final Fantasy IV," "Final Fantasy V," and "Final Fantasy VI" are still coming soon.

Gamers will be able to purchase the full bundle upon the launch of the more recent "Final Fantasy VI."

It was also noted that the games are actually newly developed remastered editions that are based on the original titles. It was also stated that there are some changes as well as additional elements that can be found in other remakes of the games noted won't be included.

Gamers, however, will be receiving some key features about the new "Final Fantasy Pixel Remake" making the games more visually stunning and also very fun to play.

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'Final Fantasy Pixel Remake' Key Features:

  • Universally updated 2D pixel graphics

This would include the very iconic Final Fantasy character designs that were created by none other than Kazuko Shibuya, the known original artist as well as the current collaborator.

  • Amazing soundtrack

Gamers will get a beautifully rearranged soundtrack coming from the faithful "Final Fantasy" style. The soundtrack will still be overseen by the original composer of the beloved soundtrack, Nobuo Uematsu.

  • Better Gameplay

Gamers will be getting better gameplay through auto-battle options, modernized UI, and much more!

  • Additional options

Gamers can now dive into the world of the game itself with other supplemental extras like illustration gallery, bestiary, and even music player.

For gamers that have been huge fans of the Square Enix's "Final Fantasy" franchise, this pixel remaster brings the joy of old-school RPG gaming the "Final Fantasy" way.

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