Katy Perry to Launch NFTs in Partnership with Theta Labs – Joining the Crypto-Craze
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Katy Perry is a famous pop star and singer in Hollywood. She will be launching a series of NFTs in collaboration with Theta Labs -- one of the leading blockchain video streaming platforms.

Perry is slowly making her way into the growing population of celebrities and artists who are now testing the waters of the crypto market.

Katy Perry Collaborates with Theta Labs

The infamous pop star recently announced her collaboration with Theta Labs in a tweet on Wednesday, June 30. She will be releasing various digital collectibles featuring her upcoming performance at the Resorts World Las Vegas Hotel in December.


Perry also mentioned that through her talent agency, CAA or the Creative Artists Agency, she will get a minority share from Theta Labs.

According to Business Insider, Perry said she was curious and excited to launch her first-ever non-fungible tokens in the latter part of 2021. It is a new and unique opportunity for her to connect with fans worldwide, even though they are not physically with her in Las Vegas.

She added that she could not wait to jumpstart her NFTs with the entire Theta team by diving into memorable and exciting creative pieces. Perry mentioned that it would also give her fans their special moment of her residency, a digital collectible, and an in-real-life experience.

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What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

To understand the essence of the project, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that blockchain technologies underpin. This technology is the same as cryptocurrency coins, and it is rapidly growing in fame within the art and entertainment industry.

Whenever people purchase NFTs, they automatically have their tokens digitally stored forever, and it would be impossible to edit them.

In addition, every single NFT is unique, which means that no other NFT is similar to it. They each offer a reliable way to verify their ownership and authenticity over various things like creative work.

However, NFTs are also tradable, just like other real-world collectible items.

Celebrities Who Joined the Craze Over NFT

Numerous celebrities have already dived deep into the craze over non-fungible tokens.

Personalities such as rapper Jay-Z, actress Lindsay Lohan, NFL player Rob Gronkowski, rapper Ja Rule, and American entrepreneur Mark Cuban are only some of the famous people who have already invested in NFTs.

Theta Labs Achievements

Business Insider also reported that Theta Labs has its private blockchain referred to as the Theta Network, and it has already partnered with other personalities in previous projects.

Theta Labs has once worked on live-streaming one of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket launches, according to their website.

The company reported that working with a famous global icon in the likes of Katy Perry marks a historical inflection point for Theta Network's success.

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