'Left 4 Dead 2' Still the Best in the Genre, Fans Clamour for Updates Instead of Newer Games
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"Left 4 Dead 2" still reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of fans despite newer games adding to the ever-growing list in the genre.

What Makes the 'Left 4 Dead' Franchise So Special?

As per Polygon, after almost 12 years since "Left 4 Dead 2" arrived, the game still has a hardcore base of fans who choose to play the game over newer adaptations.

Fans enjoy the fact that it arrived just a year after the first game, "Left 4 Dead" was released.

Sure, it had the same game mechanics as the first one and added a wide range of levels, weapons, enemies, and, more importantly, a better enemy AI.

Of course, if you weren't an avid player of the first game in the franchise, then you wouldn't notice the difference, but boy did the fans notice.

The first game needed little to no improvements, and when the sequel came along, it just added a bit more refinement to it. It gave balance to the moments where you could enjoy the scenery with your friends, or AI-manned allies to the more chaotic moments that made you wish you made better choices against the horde of zombies.

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Big Shoes to Fill

According to NME, the games that spawned after "Left 4 Dead 2" knew the formula of which everybody enjoyed, but just how spot-on were they? "Warhammer: Vermintide 2," "Back 4 Blood," "Redfall," and "The Anacrusis" all came from the original studio "Left 4 Dead" was found.

All games offer mostly the same RPG-Esque mechanic and added twists to the gameplay, but overall, it still feels the same old loop that doesn't change.

The "Left 4 Dead" franchise didn't need to worry about customizable equipment, unique abilities for characters, and upgrade systems since it was grounded to be as realistic as it can be. The newer games in the genre, however, chose to go that route to make them more attractive to newer players and has been the trademarks for the newer generation.

'Left 4 Dead' Still Alive Worldwide

Despite its release back in 2009, there are still over 30,000 players who play the game based on Steam statistics. The number of players has more than its predecessors get on a daily or weekly basis.

Valve quickly noticed the fans and even blessed a fan-made map named "The Last Stand."

The Last Stand includes a little bit more content and has since appeared in the official game update as Valve was on the sidelines helping the team out with some technical guidance. Unfortunately, despite the fans' craving for a possible third installment of the beloved franchise, it most likely won't happen anytime soon, if not at all, as there hasn't been any major update since 2012.

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