iPhone 13 might be having Touch ID on screen rather than a dedicated button itself, or is it the iPhone 14? Let's find out!

The Rumors Are Plenty

There is an exciting new rumor saying that the up and coming iPhone 13 might be having a feature that Android phones have had for years. That's right, the on-screen touch fingerprint sensor. But just how likely is the rumour, though? 

According to TechRadar, the rumors of the on-screen touch ID coming to iPhones are legion, and that there isn't any more question of whether it will happen, but when it will be launched.

Apple has veered off the fingerprint sensor at the revelation of the iPhone X and has opted for facial recognition instead. 

The Face ID has been very accurate and reliable for unlocking the phones since, and has secured millions of Apple's users.

However, starting in 2020, people were craving for a better way as the entire generation had to go on and wear facemasks, which hindered facial recognition. 

Regardless of Apple's soft solution in the iOS 14.5 allowing you to pair your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone. It's not a popular solution as it forces people to buy a rather expensive Apple Watch just to make it easier to unlock your iPhone.

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In-screen Touch ID Coming Sooner

Yes, we know, we've been hearing rumors regarding this feature for years already, including the iPhone 12 supposedly having the feature already.

Another rumour has popped up from leakers have suggested that iPhone 13 Touch ID is coming with the keyword "MESA" meaning Touch ID and "uts" for under the screen.

Rumors continued to this year as even Bloomberg reported in January that suggest that the feature will be coming for iPhone 13. Another rumor also said that it would be coming into an update on the iOS 15 that will go live together with the upcoming phone.

It says that iOS 15 will support dual biometric authentication from Touch ID and Face ID, meaning that it will be exclusive to the new generation of Apple's flagship phones.

iPhone 14 Might Get Touch ID Rather than iPhone 13

It's inevitable at this point that Apple will have on-screen Touch ID. However, it may be for the iPhone 14 rather than the iPhone 13. Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the in-screen Touch ID will come in the 2022 iPhone lineup, meaning that it's going to be on iPhone 14. 

If you are to believe the rumors, it will only be a matter of time until we finally get the feature as long as people continue to clamor for the feature and if it really wants to compete against Android phones that have had the feature for years already on most flagship and mid-range phones. 

Regardless of whether it will come to the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, it would sell better since there are a lot of Apple iPhone users that prefer the older variants of the iPhone given it has a physical touch ID that many still love.

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