iPhone 13 is rumored to have an unusual wireless charging feature this year which explains why its wireless charging coils could come "slightly bigger" than expected. According to the leak, Apple's smartphone will not only have a high wattage and a solution to the heating issue, but it would also introduce the reverse way of wireless charging for the upcoming lineup.

Leaker Says iPhone 13 Will Arrive with Reverse Wireless Charging

iPhone 13 Rumored to Bring Reverse Wireless Charging--What's With the Increased Coil Size?
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According to the latest leak, iPhone 13 will have reverse wireless charging which will come with larger wireless charging coils.

In a YouTube video posted by EverythingApplePro on Sunday, July 4, the rumor came from Android Police writer Max Weinbach. The iPhone 13 lineup for 2021 would be making a much bigger smartphone that would arrive with wireless charging capability.

From there, the surface area of the iPhone will be expanded to enable the feature which will involve "stronger" MagSafe Magnets. This is also the reason why the wireless charging coil will increase its size.

According to Weinbach, reverse wireless charging will allow iPhone users to use the back of their smartphone for charging. This means that your AirPods and smartwatches can now be wirelessly charged if they are compatible with iPhone 13.

Previous iPhone 13 Leaks 

Back in February, Bloomberg released a report about iPhone's wireless charging features that would not likely come soon. Later, Apple has unveiled the official filings for the latest iPhone models which would permit reverse wireless charging of other devices. Users could now attach the AirPods Pro and other Apple products to the smartphone if they want to charge it.

In the same month, there were also leaks about its camera upgrades. The widely-known Apple leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone 13 will adopt the ultra-wide camera. The same feature will be used for iPhone 14 which is expected to arrive next year. 

Compared to last year's models, the upcoming iPhones will have an advantage for low-light shots. It would also fare better for night photography. Moreover, the telephoto camera would also be revamped. 

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What People Think About Reverse Wireless Charging in iPhone 13

From the discussion forum of Macrumors, some users shared their opinion on the rumors circling the iPhone's upcoming reverse charging capability. 

One user said that if Apple wants to pursue being "green," the Cupertino giant should first realize that the feature is wasteful for that objective.

Another user commented that the upcoming feature should not be made as an excuse for a small battery capacity. While many leaks prompted iPhone 13 enthusiasts, one user said that no one needs an upgrade for the smartphone. 

For some who use the MagSafe charging feature before, there is also one who mentioned that the feature would "carry data" so that people could use it for CarPlay.

While there are many that support reverse wireless charging, some disliked the addition of it given that they will need to replace the battery again.

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