The PS5 restock for this week shows a glimmer of possibility especially to Target which is predicted to have many supplies in its inventory. Last week, we observed that GameStop and Best Buy joined the restock trend but we have not yet heard about the rest of the retailers.

According to PS5 insider Matt Swider on Twitter, it's most likely that the fans might see some improvements in the replenishment of the next-gen consoles as of Monday, July 5. At first, he said that he was doubtful about Target's restocks but after hearing more updates from Jake Randall, another PS5 tracker, and the other sources, the supplies could gradually come sooner.

Short Guide to Track PS5 Supplies

PS5 Restock Update: Target's Supplies Might Come This Week--Other Stores to Visit For Post-Independence Day
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Here is the latest news for the possible PS5 restocks this week featuring Target, GameStop, and more stores.

From Techradar's report on Monday, July 5, there are three steps that you should follow to obtain your highly-coveted PS5. This guide is quick and short so you could easily stick to the latest news about the possible console drop.

  1. To receive alerts about PS5 supplies, you can follow Matt Swider on Twitter for the latest announcements about the restocks. Do NOT forget to turn on your notifications so you won't be left behind with the news about it. Swider has been a long-time tracker so regularly checking his updates would help you obtain a Sony console.

  2. For more extensive training about following live PS5 restock news, you can go to Swider's official YouTube channel for a more detailed explanation about real-time restock trends.

  3. Be wary against the widespread scams from Twitter. Only refer to the stores that Swider recommends to you. For instance, if someone sells you a PS5 for only $550, that's a clear scam given its suspicious price. Stay away from them and support local retail stores.

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  • Last restock: Wednesday, June 16 at 7:39 AM EDT

  • Possible restock: Either Wednesday, July 7 or Thursday, July. Get there before 7:40 AM EDT

PS5 restocks have been accumulating lately and users should see this opportunity for more supplies that will come this week. While other stores have already released restocks last week, this is the perfect time for Target to shine through a surprise console drop.

Best Buy 

  • Last restock: Tuesday, June 29 at 10:55 AM EDT

  • Possible restock: Thursday, July 8. It would be released together with GPU restock

If you are a regular Best Buy customer, you already have a pattern that PS5 restocks often happen during Thursdays and Fridays. Swider said that he was 50% certain that restocks for this shop will come on the said day.

Another thing that you might consider is the GPU restock especially during the uphill battle of the companies against the global chip shortage. It's best to wait from around 9:38 AM to 6:05 PM so stay tuned for more details.


  • Last restock: Friday, June 18 at 11:30 AM EDT

  • Possible restock: Thursday, July that's why at the moment, we are not sure if it would drop another batch of consoles this week.

Many customers have reportedly gotten PS5 after they watched Swider's live YouTube stream. For its next restock, we could expect a few more weeks to come before it happens again. Possibly, if we are fortunate to witness another round of stocks, it could occur in the next 10 to 15 days.


  • Last restock: Thursday, June 17 at 3 PM EDT

  • Possible restock: Thursday, July 8 at 3 PM EDT

The pattern for Walmart PS5 restocks will always revolve on a single day: THURSDAY. It's easier to track Walmart restocks given that its schedule sticks to the original one. We could recall that it has granted the users a free upgrade for PS5 Disc after it went out of stock.


  • Last restock (email invites): Wednesday, June 23

  • Last virtual queue: Wednesday, June 16 at 5 PM EDT

  • Possible restock: TBA

Sony has previously hosted an invite-only event last June. Those who received email invites were lucky to purchase consoles from Sony Direct. For the virtual queue, expect to wait for 15 to 30 minutes before it opens.


  • Last restock date: Wednesday, June 24 at 10:37 AM EDT

  • Possible restock: TBA

Although this is just a club store, its inventory stocks could be surprising sometimes. There are cases that when it suddenly opens, its PS5 supplies will be wiped out in just five minutes. Before you become eligible for PS5 buying in this store, you first need to be a member.

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