‘“The Witcher: Witch’s Lament”’ Update – Geralt’s Targets Are Aware of His Mission
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"The Witcher: Witch's Lament" is a comic book series with an accompanying game series. It has successfully garnered thousands of avid fanatics, and Geralt of Rivia is the main lead.

In the current story, Geralt is given the quest to save a young woman from a notorious gang of powerful witches - but they have a surprising level of insight.

"The Witcher: Witch's Lament" - Geralt of Rivia

According to CBR, Geralt of Rivia is one of the series' most famous witchers among the entire continent. He has already gone up against every possible enemy - soldiers, human mercenaries, drowners, dragons, nekkers, and other atrocious enemies have already met their end by Geralt's blade.

However, Geralt had a bit of a hiccup in "The Witcher: Witch's Lament #2" as he finds himself in a nasty situation - his current enemy is highly dissimilar to his previous encounters.

At first, Geralt had a quest from the people of Neisse to capture a robust witch who goes by the name Laima. He succeeded as he watched the witch get burned to ashes.

However, he still felt a sense of discomfort deep in his heart over the entire situation.

A wealthy lord of Neisse gave him another task. He has to rescue the lord's daughter, Giltine, from a gang of notorious and powerful witches.

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Geralt's Mission

Based on the report, Geralt successfully finds the witches' hideout within the deepest part of the forest. To his relief, he caught a glimpse of Giltine - sleeping and unharmed.

Geralt thought that the mission was straightforward, refusing to leave.

However, the witches welcomed Geralt and assured him that Giltine is perfectly fine. The witches asked Geralt to stay with the group, and to their surprise, he said yes to the offer.

Geralt did not see any sense of immediate danger, and as much as he does not trust the witches, he still decided to stay in the series.

What Geralt Experienced With The Witches

The infamous Witcher, together with Giltine and the witches, formed a circle and had a support therapy session.

In a large circle, they sat side by side, and the witches guided the entire group to become as honest as possible to their emotions and feelings.

Each person and witch took their turn in explaining how they truly feel regarding their struggles. Geralt, who was not interested in sharing his opinions and thoughts about his feelings, did not stop or break the group from sharing.

The Witches With Insights

According to CBR, the main reason behind the witches' therapy group is still unclear because despite being positive, there is still a sense of ominous mystery behind the session.

The witches explained that there are five phases that each member has to experience before finally reaching "The Eye":

  • Exordium - recognizing pain
  • Laudation - knowing the cause of pain
  • Exhortatio - moral admonishment, leading to lament
  • Comploratio - mourning
  • Cosolatio - the act of consolation

The witches also mentioned that going through the five phases will help them cleanse and ease their pain and guilt. It seems like they are aware of Geralt's heavy guilt - both of his past and more recent acts, especially over the death of the witch Laima.

As of July, the purpose of the witches' support group is still unclear. What is "The Eye"? Is it a physical eye or some magical portal? Is it even tangible, or is it something that the members will feel?

The witches' warnings hang over Geralt of Rivia's final page of the issue. CBR also believes that tragedy might take place as soon as Giltine leaves the group.

The comic book series is a great way for "The Witcher" fans to get more of Geralt and other well-loved characters from the book series, the Netflix series, and perhaps the most popular media in the franchise: "The Witcher" games from CD Projekt Red.

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