Tesla Cybertruck Campers concept got the nod of none other than Elon Musk himself as the CEO tweeted positively about the ambitious endeavor.

Tesla Cybertruck Campers Concept: Elon Musk Tweets in Approval
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Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of the newly unveiled all-electric battery-powered Tesla's Cybertruck at Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California on November 21, 2019.

Cyberlandr, the campers add-on that transforms the electric trucks, is the brainchild of Las Vegas company, Stream It.

The innovative ambition opens up the possibility of camping inside the Cybertruck. To do so, the company envisioned adding solar panels and a toilet to the upcoming Tesla vehicle, which disappears when the truck is traveling on the paved roads.

As per Teslarati, the Tesla boss previously considered another idea that some would consider out of this world. Musk, in the past, welcomed the idea of including cold gas thrusters on the next Roaster.

Tesla Cybertruck Campers Concept: Elon Musk Responds

Now, Musk is nodding to another disruptive concept — pushing to make the Cybertruck a full-blown camper.

The CEO responded to a tweet of Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley showing a video concept of the camper add-on, in which it detailed the transformation of the Cybertruck.

The Twitter account of the group of Tesla owners noted that people should welcome endless possibilities for the upcoming truck. The tweet further mentioned Tesla's and Musk's accounts on the microblogging platform.

In response, the Tesla CEO has one word to describe the video concept: "Cool."


Even with a single word, Musk's positive comment on the endeavor of Cyberalndr seemingly raised the hope that such a concept has bigger potential, Teslarati suggested in the same report.

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Tesla Cybertruck Campers Concept: How Ambitious?

The Cybertruck, with its skills in the remote rocky areas, makes it a perfect camping solution similar to its counterparts, such as Wranglers, 4Runners, and Broncos.

However, Motor1 noted that Tesla's vehicle is not best to tow a camping trailer on its rear as it will significantly waste its battery range. That said, to make the electric truck an outdoor buddy, an innovative solution is necessary.

That is where CyberLandr enters. The vehicle add-on hides beneath the smooth roof of the truck but assembles like a trailer when the camping begins.

Additionally, electricity powers the camper add-on, similar to the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck.

When the camper expands beneath the exterior of the Cybertruck, two spacious rooms appear.

The first one features a kitchen that flaunts a sink and an induction cooker seamlessly hidden under the tabletop. It also includes a foldable bed and table, which has a 32-inch 4k smart TV in front. To add, the entertainment hub connects to Musk's Starlink satellite dish.

On the other hand, the second room is an entire bathroom featuring a shower and a self-cleaning toilet.

The Tesla Cybertruck is yet to be released, but it has already attracted 1 million reservations as of May 25.

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