SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft Departure Delayed | Here's the New Launch Date
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The SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft departure has been officially delayed due to extreme weather forecasts. The spacecraft's departure from the Space Station has been delayed and a new schedule has been set.

NASA SpaceX Dragon CRS-22

NASA shared on Twitter announcing the SpaceX Dragon's delayed departure. Due to the forecast of extreme weather to happen off the Florida coast, the SpaceX CRS-22 undocking is now no longer planned for Wednesday, July 7, 2021. 

According to NASA, both NASA and SpaceX flight control teams will continue to monitor the weather as well as splashdown locations and are also prepared to support the undocking of the official Dragon cargo spacecraft once the conditions are finally safe to do so. There are also parameters like wave heights and wind speed that must be within limits in order to properly ensure the safety of the recovery teams, spacecraft, and science.

SpaceX Dragon New Launch Schedule

The next opportunity for the SpaceX undocking is July 8, 2021 at 10:35 AM EDT and is expected to come with NASA TV coverage which is scheduled to start at 10AM. Some additional options are available on July 9 as well as July 10, 2021. NASA is expected to provide a clearer update 

NASA Flight Engineers Shane Kimbrough and Mark Vande Hei have both worked on cargo transfers inside the famed SpaceX Dragon. Kimbrough then teamed up with Flight Engineers Thomas Pesquet and Megan McArthur as well as Commander Akihiko Hoshide when the day ended and reviewed the cargo craft emergency departure procedures.

ISS Researches

Pesquet set up a pair of different computers inside the whole cupola in support of the SpaceX's Dragon's undocking and monitoring.Both Kimbrough and Hoshide swapped roles as the Crew Medical Officer today responsible for taking charge of vein scans using the Ultrasound-2 device.

Pesquet also had some time on being able to wear the specialized Sidekick headset in order to examine the Tranquility module's usual treadmill through the use of augmented reality. The particular two-time station resident decided to move on to inspecting and photographing the hatch seals on the reported Kibo laboratory module as well.

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New SpaceX Dragon Flight Schedule

Roscosmos Flight Engineers Pyotr Dubrov and Oleg Novitskiy both stayed focused on the Russian cargo and station life support activities. It was reported that Novitskiy updated the computer data files that were associated with the recent docking of the highlighted ISS Progress 78 resupply ship. Dubrov worked on thermal systems hardware and orbital plumbing.

NASA usually shares their progress with the world so for those that want to watch the official SpaceX Dragon launch, make sure to either follow NASA's website or at least their Twitter account. As of the moment, the delayed launch has been scheduled to July 8, 2021 at 10:35 AM EDT.

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