'WoW' Sylvanas Saga Ends | Here's How the Raid Went Down
(Photo : Screenshot From World of Warcraft Website) 'WoW' Sylvanas Saga Ends | Here's How the Raid Went Down

"World of Warcraft" Sylvanas Saga finally turns a chapter as the Sanctum of Domination raid just went live. The Sanctum of Domination started climaxing with an intense showdown against Sylvanas Windrunner as well as the mysterious Jailer that gamers know she's been serving.

'World of Warcraft' Shadowlands

According to the story by PC Gamers, this finally concludes the endpoint for "World of Warcraft's" Shadowlands expansion and was very eagerly anticipated. As of the moment, it's finally been beaten and the whole climactic cinematic has been revealed to the faithful warriors that participated in the event.

The eternal fate of Sylvanas was a point of contention directly against WoW fans and the internet memelords as seen on Reddit. Was she really going to die? Was she going to eventually repent? Was this actually all setup for an overwhelming redemption arc?

The Truth Behind Sylvanas

Well, everything has finally been revealed and it ultimately turned out to be the whole redemption arc thing that a lot of players have actually predicted. This was revealed as Sylvanas was surprised when she found out that the villain she's been tirelessly working with is actually the bad guy all along.

This is when Sylvanas finally decided to turn on him only to face final punishment by, well, getting the lost half of her soul back. Maybe this would finally make more sense if players have been able to keep up with the whole "Warcraft" lore that stretched over 20 years. 

'World of Warcraft: Classic'

Gamers could of course choose to wind back the whole clock with the popular "World of Warcraft: Classic." For those that enjoy following the Horde and are still very excited with what's going to happen with the developing "World of Warcraft" lore, playing the game will reveal future plots.

According to a post by DoteSports, Blizzard has actually extended the scheduled server maintenance for the new "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" by a whole two hours, this delayed the release of the glorious Sanctum of Domination raid that just came out. "WoW" servers regularly go down for maintenance.

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The Frequency of Maintenance for WoW

Maintenance usually takes longer than it normally takes especially if there is a larger patch that is set to release. Quite typically, the servers will be down for maybe less than an hour. Sometimes, however, on patch days, the hour or less will turn into maybe three or more hours.

Gamers experienced maintenance from 10AM CT to 2PM CT. At about 1:15 PM CT, Blizzard's customer support Twitter account announced that the servers would remain down for an additional two hours. This could be a common occurrence for "WoW" gamers but come to think of it, it might be better for the maintenance to happen before a new patch rolls out instead of after when everyone is already playing it.

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