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TikTok is said to be creating a feature similar to Cameo. The video app is allowing some users to pay creators in exchange for custom clips.

TikTok's Cameo-Like Feature

With numerous social media apps mimicking the features of each other, it seems that TikTok is not against the idea, especially since it will mean that it can keep its grip on its younger audience.

For now, only TikTok users in Dubai and Turkey can access the test, and if it is deemed successful in its test markets, TikTok may expand this feature to other countries, according to AdAge.

The new TikTok feature is reportedly called "Shoutouts," and it lets you request and pay for a short video from a creator that you are a fan of by using TikTok coins, the in-app currency bought with real money and used to tip others on the platform.

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The content creators can set a rate for their service, and the final product will be sent to your inbox. In all, the custom video could take longer than a week to arrive because TikTok seems to be reviewing the clips first to make sure that it meets all of its requirements.

TikTok sees Shoutouts as a way for its users to request greetings and pep talks from its popular creators. However, it is not clear how many followers a person needs to have in order to be considered for the feature.

Based on its talent base, users can expect more creative videos from TikTok creators than from Cameo.

Cameo's Influence on Social Media

TikTok is not the only social media app that is emulating Cameo. Facebook is also currently working on a feature called "Super" that lets users pay to interact with influencers in live streams, according to Engadget.

Meanwhile, Cameo is thriving, according to its management. In 2020, the video requests service raked in gross revenue of $100 million, 75% of which was paid to its talent, as reported by Variety.

The gross revenue was up 4.5 times from 2019, with the app's celebrity users delivering 1.3 million short videos in 2020 alone. T

his could be fueled by the situation last year wherein everyone was forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, and people used to platform to communicate with their favorite celebrities.

Thousands of celebrities, athletes, artists, and theater actors are available for Cameo videos. They are the ones who set their own price, and they also have the final say over whether or not they accept a request.

The prices of the videos can start as low as $1 to $5 for less recognizable talent, while household names like Joe Montana, Ice Cube, and Caitlyn Jenner can charge users from $500 to $2,500 for a Cameo video.

Cameo gives celebrities a way to earn money, and it also gives the fans a chance to get in touch with the celebrity they like.

The app is still gaining popularity, and it is currently valued at $1 billion after raising $100 million from the venture capital of Amazon, Google, and Japanese tech company SoftBank.

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