COVID-19 2nd Jab Skipped by Almost 15 Million Americans Amidst Rise in Partygoers | Vaccine Sites on the Beaches
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) COVID-19 2nd Jab Skipped by Almost 15 Million Americans Amidst Rise in Partygoers | Vaccine Sites on the Beaches

The COVID-19 2nd jab was skipped by almost 15 million Ameicans while the number of partygoers started to significantly increase. Sentara Healthcare is taking vaccines to the people in order to help bring the number down.

CDC Says 15 Million Americans are Skipping their 2nd COVID-19 Shot

Sentara Healthcare is taking vaccines to the people to bring that number down. They're setting on beaches and at parties with some live music. According to 13NewsNow, the CDC is saying that about 15 million Americans have skipped their second shot of COVID-19. This is one in 10 people!

Jillian Carpenter, along with the Sentara Family and Internal Medicine, the second shot really does help users by providing them full immunity against COVID. A single dose will give the recipient about 80% protection against the virus.

Sentara Healthcare Tries to Encourage People to Get Their Shots

Sentara Healthcare workers are now setting up across the whole Hampton Roads in order to encourage even more people to get their second shot. On Wednesday, they stationed at the Paradise Ocean Club along with some music and vaccines.

Gaylene Kanoyton, along with Celebrate Healthcare, noted that they have to go where the people are. It was stated that it is very important that people are now seeing vaccine distribution everywhere!

COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreading

Sherman Kittrell noted that he was initially hesitant when it came to the COVID-19 vaccine but then ultimately decided to go for it and even came back for round two. He stated that he wanted to make sure that he was safe for the community and also to protect his family and make sure that they would not get the coronavirus.

Carpenter also noted that with the new delta variant rapidly spreading, people should really get their shots. Through that way, they would no longer end up in the hospital or even in the ICU or even from other life-sustaining treatments that could be encountered from not being able to fully receive the vaccine.

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Vaccination Sites on the Beach

Kanoyton also mentioned that they do not plan to stop. It was stated that they have been on Buckroe Beach and they will probably go to the Virginia Beach, picnics, parties, and that they will be where the people actually are. It was noted that where the people are, the vaccine will also be there.

They are also sponsoring the "Live Music Wednesday @ the Beach" every Wednesday of July in order to make getting a shot fun. The CDC also considers a second dose "missed" if over 42 days have passed since the individual got their initial shot.

The number of people that are skipping out has actually increased by about 10 million since April. People who miss the window for their second COVID-19 vaccine dose of Moderna or Pfizer won't need to start over, according to the CDC. In the end, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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