Tesla Jacks Up Model S and Model X Prices by a Whopping $5,000!
(Photo : Screenshot From Tesla Official Website) Tesla Jacks Up Model S and Model X Prices by a Whopping $5,000!

Tesla has just increased the price of the base versions (long range versions) of both the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X EVs by a whopping $5,000! This news comes just as Tesla started to deliver the brand new Model S and hasn't even started to deliver the company's new Tesla Model X!

Tesla Jacks Up Price of Model S

According to Electrek, since the start of 2021, there have been a number of reports of continuous price increases throughout Tesla's official vehicle lineup. However, it has still particularly affected the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles since Tesla hasn't really been delivering the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X as the new upgraded versions of the EVs were delayed.

An example for the price increase is that last month, Tesla had finally started delivering out the line of its new Tesla Model S while starting with the new Plaid top performance version. This particular model already saw a whopping $10,000 price increase just last month, according to RoadandTrack.

Tesla Adds Another $5,000

As of the moment, in an update to its online configurator, the company has decided to quietly implement yet another $5,000 price increase for the base Long Range version of the Tesla flagship EV sedan. The price jumped from $79,990 all the way to $84,990 for the company's Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range version.

The Plaid version, on the other hand, which already comes with pretty fast acceleration and decent high top speed, starts selling at $129,990. Tesla had only started just recently delivering the new Long Range Model S after it had decided to focus on the Plaid deliveries throughout last quarter.

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Model X Plaid Version Cheaper?

At the exact same time, Tesla decided to increase the base price for the company's Model X, which is now jacked up to a whopping $94,990. Quite interestingly, the Model X Plaid is $10,000 less expensive compared to the Model S Plaid! This is while the base model of the Model X costs $10,000 more compared to the base model version of the Model S.

Tesla, as of the moment, hasn't yet started with the Model X deliveries. The first deliveries of the Tesla Model X new version electric SUVs, however, are expected to roll out soon. Although Tesla had not yet confirmed it, due to the recent practices, more individuals who were able to place orders before the markup should still be able to get the original price.

There's no telling if this would be the last markup in prices that Tesla will make. As of the moment, Tesla buyers are already met with the price increase and only those that have put their orders before the price increase might be able to purchase either the Tesla Model S or the Tesla Model X without the price markup.

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