"DOTA 2" OG vs. Team Secret feud is getting hotter than ever. Gamers on the side are getting ready for potentially the ultimate showdown between June Mar vs. Greg Slaughter. Bets are out, who do you think will win?

June Mar Fajardo and Greg Slaughter

According to Spin.ph, after The International champs everyone knew as the OG snapped up June Mar Fajardo on not just one occasion but through several memes released one after another, Team Secret directly reached out to yet another PBA star, Greg Slaughter. The question is, how will the match turn out?

On Twitter, Team Secret didn't hide in the shadows as they directly replied to OG's tweet that actually tagged June Mar Fajardo's AHOSGaming with another recruitment announcement of their own! What was even more shocking was they even included an edited picture of Gregzilla but this time, with Team Secret colors!

Upcoming June Mar vs. Greg Slaughter Match?

The announcement gave a loud and clear "Greg Slaughter vs. Junmar" along with the statement that the match could be coming to the Lower Division some time soon. This was then shared by the "DOTA 2" team on Facebook

Just like June Mar, the popular but still quite new NorthPort big man was, as noted by the article by Spin.ph, "game enough" to seemingly ride on the joke. The reply that was given was "Sign me up!!" through his official FB account to the post by Team Secret. Could this be a sign that the tides have finally turned?

Could They Make the Perfect Duo?

Just like other high-profile fellow PBA players namely Fajardo and Marc Pingris, Greg Slaughter is a big "DOTA" fan as well! In fact, back in 2018, when both Slaughter and Fajardo directly blew out Gilas as part of the extremely exciting Visayas All-Star, he gave a statement to Spin.ph.

According to his statement to Spin.ph, both June Mar and him "win a lot together" when the players play "DOTA." The statement was even followed up with a remark from Slaughter noting they make a good team together. Although the pair hasn't played professionally yet, in their freetime games, it seems like they do make a powerful duo.

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Team Secret 'European 'DOTA 2'' Team

Just like OG, Team Secret is already a European "DOTA 2" team that is currently looking to conquer higher heights and are currently competing in the esteemed Dreamleague Season 15 DPC. The battle gets even juicier as Team Secret gets closer to the top.

The article by Spin.ph noted that just recently, they were even able to knock out Germany's extremely competitive Brame with a score of 2-0. The team is now preparing to face the next winners of the OG vs. Team Liquid match. The question is, who will be good enough to eventually reach the very top?

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