iPad and iPhone Notes App with grids and lines? Here's how to add it, which could further help taking down information on your Apple devices become easier. 

iPad, iPhone Notes App: How to Add Grids and Lines?
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iPad, iPhone Notes App 

The iPhone and the iPad, the latter, even more, are used by its users as productivity devices as they have features that enable note-taking and drawing while on the go. 

As such, countless apps have already flooded the Apple App Store to provide expansive features to do just that. Evernote and Notion on iOS are a few of the popular titles that flaunted themselves as productivity tools. 

Nevertheless, some users still prefer the minimalist Notes app, which MacBook, iPhone, and iPad devices install by default. 

Although the built-in app is known to follow the minimalist philosophy for its overall interface, there are handy features hidden in it. 

For instance, both the Notes app can change the default blank page on the notes app similar to a real notebook with printed lines or grids. 

How to Add Lines and Grids from New Note?

The lines and grids options could be set on a page even before a user starts to take down information, as per iMore. It is essential to note that it is pretty simple to do, which could be done in a few taps away. 

  • Open the Notes app on either an iPhone or an iPad.
  • Tap on the start a new note icon on the lower right.
  • Select the three-dotted icon, this time, on the upper left corner. 
  • Choose "Lines and Grids." 
  • Now, select the line style.

That is how it is done, at least for when starting from a blank page. 

How to Add or Change Lines and Grids on Previously Taken Notes? 

According to Apple Insider, the process is relatively close to doing it on a blank slate. Also, users could change the style of lines or grids on existing notes: here's how:

  • Open an existing note written previously. 
  • Tap the icon with three dots in the upper right corner. 
  • Select "Lines and Grids," spotted below the share options. 
  • Then, choose the line style you want to apply to the existing note. 

How to Apply Lines or Grids by Default for the Notes App? 

If a user will instead use the line or grid style over and over again, it would be best to set it by default. Apple allows that option for both iPad and iPhone owners via the Settings app. 

It is to note that setting a line style by default will not remove the option to change it from the Notes app. 

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap on the "Notes" section.
  • Then, select "Lines and Grids."
  • Choose the style you prefer to be enabled by default. 

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