Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is coming says a leak, which points out to its August 11 launch date, bringing a lot of what the South Korean company has to offer in terms of tech.

The next showcase of Samsung was unexpected to be in the coming month, and it would bring the rumored Z Fold 3, a new Galaxy Watch, a new Galaxy Buds, and more.

This would be massive to Samsung, and it would signify a lot about the upcoming products that they would release in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Leaks

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According to verified Twitter user Evan Blass (@evleaks), the Galaxy Unpacked showcase event for the tech company would take place on Wednesday, August 11. It was not revealed whether it would be another virtual event or it would be a face-to-face actual happening, only that it would happen in the next month.

Not much was revealed about the event and other specifics, only the different tech to launch by August 11, as brought by the showcase.

The Galaxy Unpacked leak was first spotted by Tech Times via the Korean Herald and indicated the new devices from Samsung to expect on this coming launch. This debunks the initial event date of August 3, which was something people were expecting.

Despite people being surprised by the news, Samsung can also hold out as many showcase events as they can, and not only Apple could do this.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3

Blass tweeted a series of GIFs that show the next Galaxy Z Fold 3 that would be released by August, exposing all the angles and sides of the device to show its specifications and first look. Here, the Z Fold 3 was also said to be having the famed S Pen stylus, which would help in drawing and better controls when using the foldable device.

  On the other hand, a Z Flip 3 and Z Flip 3 Lite are also coming, and these foldable devices would soon have new color schemes of black, green, and white. Moreover, the device is speculated to be released with either the Android 11 or already with the Android 12. However, the latter is still in beta testing mode, hence its slimmer possibilities.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

This device would be a "Galaxy Watch 4" according to the leak, and it would sport a black, gray, and white color scheme for its body. What this device would bring is rumored to be the new operating system it developed with Google, the One UI for smartwatches.

  The new user interface would help it better to integrate with the Android smartphones of Samsung, which run the same UI.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The last to be leaked by Blass is the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which would all have the same "Ice White" color scheme, and only to differ on its internal colors for specific shades of the Bluetooth device. It was initially reported by Tech Times that it would release this year according to leaks, having Active Noise Cancelling, and other nifty features of modern wireless earbuds.

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