Tesla recently released the Full Self-Driving Beta 9, and people are advised to take caution when using the feature, especially as unexpected conditions might occur during one's experience. This takes a different turn from Tesla and Elon Musk's assurance of the FSD to be the safest driving technology in the world, despite being controlled by AI and computers. 

The FSD Beta 9 was released last Saturday, July 10, and it brought a lot of improvements for the autonomous driving system of Tesla which was anticipated by a lot of its users. However, as feature-packed, as it is, it is still not available to all.

Tesla FSD Beta 9 Notes People to Take Caution

Tesla FSD
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The Tesla FSD Beta 9's first release date was supposed to be last Friday, July 9, but was ultimately changed as per Elon Musk's announcement of the latest version of the autonomous driving experience. Having said this, rolling into the next week signifies a new age of Tesla FSD, especially with the awaited Beta 9 that was supposed to be "mind-blowing."

However, it seems like it would not be that exciting with the recent screenshots of Tesla FSD Beta 9's release notes which Twitter user Raj (@tesla_raj) shared on social media. Here, one of the patch notes advised users to take "additional caution" when using the Full Self-Driving features, especially with the release of Beta 9. 

The notes also said that "it may do the wrong thing at the worst time," and this is something to be given great attention to, especially as the word of caution from the company is somehow unsettling. Indeed, this release is different from the others, especially as the company advertised the feature to be one of the safest autonomous systems in the world.

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Tesla FSD, Is it NOT Safe Anymore?

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Initially, it was said that Tesla Owners "overtrust" the FSD, and gives it more credit to the vehicle than what the company gives off to the public or how it markets it to them. That being said, the precaution that was released by Tesla might give users some notion that the Tesla FSD is not safe anymore, especially as it progresses new features.

However, this cannot be answered plainly, especially as there is no knowledge of its safety, as it remains a limited beta for people. For its users, the experience is safe and usable in certain conditions, and for some, it is not.

What the caution from Tesla said is that the FSD is not fully capable of driving and navigating the roads alone, and people should still be attentive to everything that happens.

Should People Use FSD?

Tesla FSD SF to LA Trip
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For those who are part of the FSD beta, they are entitled to use or skip the Full Self-Driving feature from the company, and it would be entirely up to their preference.

People may still use the FSD and enjoy a hands-free driving experience, but what the notes have implied is for the users to provide greater care when using it, especially on events where it would need human interference or control. 

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