"Resident Evil Village" has been a highly speculated game even before it was announced, but wait until the gamers have heard about the return of "Mercenaries" mode which was a fan favorite on the franchise. Additionally, it was revealed by Capcom that another demo is set to take place and release in May (or earlier) for the PlayStation platform.

Resident Evil 8
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While the "Mercenaries" mode is only a mini-game that appears whenever the player finishes the game, it still upholds an additional thrill and excitement for fans and enthusiasts. It has been a beloved addition to the game since the early days of "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" but have not seen its release or availability in the game's 2020 remake.

Since the "RE7: Biohazard's" success of bringing back the horror genre for games on the map, CAPCOM has been faced with massive expectations from its fans and enthusiasts to follow up with a game to top it. The "Resident Evil" franchise has been one of the top-grossing games in the genre, which has initially debuted the arcade setup of the game.

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'Resident Evil Village' Mercenaries Mode

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According to the recent Resident Evil Showcase from CAPCOM, "Resident Evil Village" Game Director Morimasa Sato said that after several skips in games, The Mercenaries mode is making its way to the new game. Since the "Resident Evil 3's" release until "RE6," the game mode was an added feature whenever the player reaches the end of the main story.

What is even more iconic is that it would feature the full suite and enjoyment as once experienced in the arcade game version of "Resident Evil" which promises an action-packed adrenaline rush of a time-bound mission. Sato said that "The Mercenaries" mode will bring power-ups to players including reduced damage, faster reload, and health regeneration as they traverse the new content.

The main addition to "Resident Evil Village's" The Mercenaries mode is the possibility of visiting shops to upgrade weapons and other materials while progressing with the special content's extra story. This means that players can upgrade in between stories, allowing flexibility and progressing more in the amped-up version.

'Resident Evil Village' Second Demo in May

Resident Evil 8
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Another revelation during the past Resident Evil Showcase was another demo game of the "Resident Evil Village" from CAPCOM which players can access for the PlayStation (PS4, PS5) platforms only. The second demo of the game is still unknown, but it would most likely show another part of the gameplay, deep in the plot.

The demo would come at the start of May or earlier, says CAPCOM, and is going to be exclusive for the Sony PlayStation gaming consoles. Moreover, the second demo would come only six days before the expected release date of the full game, which was a long wait since its announcement earlier this year.

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