Microsoft is in the process to acquire RiskIQ, a cybersecurity firm that would help the software company on its future endeavors and current problems which include the emergency patch issues for zero days. The Redmond-based giant has had horrible weeks before them, especially with a vulnerability that exposed its users to problems under its services. 

The PrintNightmare zero-day vulnerability has been detected within Microsoft's Windows, but failed to fix it in several of its releases, and left the company to struggle in its protection.

Microsoft Acquires RiskIQ

Microsoft's Fix For PrintNightmare Flaw Is Also A Bug? Here's How You Can Solve the New Patches
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A view of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop following a Microsoft launch event, May 2, 2017 in New York City. The Windows 10 S operating system is geared toward the education market and is Microsoft's answer to Google's Chrome OS.

Microsoft and Windows were hanging by a thread, as brought by the zero-day vulnerability which exposed the company's weak points that can be exploited by a virus or hackers. As emergency patches were sent out to protect the systems from the zero-day, Microsoft is still struggling to provide absolute protection for its software. 

In Microsoft's recent press release, the company announced its acquisition of RiskIQ, a known cybersecurity company that would help in the problems they are currently facing. The venture would not only focus on current problems but also on future endeavors and strengthening Microsoft's cybersecurity, which faced difficulties. 

The acquisition was a $500 million buyout to get the cybersecurity firm on board and joining the long list of Microsoft's acquired companies. 

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Will RiskIQ Help Microsoft Windows' Zero-Day?

As RiskIQ is set to join Microsoft, one of its first conflicts to solve would be the existing vulnerability of Microsoft, as it is exposed like a nerve and may be of massive threat against the systems of the company. According to RiskIQ's blog post, their future is to join in with Microsoft, and the cybersecurity firm is known for its "attack surface management" software. 

As an acquired company, one of its jobs is to help its mother company with any problems it faces, and it would be sure that a dedicated team would help Microsoft with its current problems. However, it would not be a square answer to all of Microsoft's problems, nor would it be a solution that could fix the problem immediately.

Windows Zero-Day, Is It Fixed?

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According to, Microsoft said that the zero-day vulnerability was fixed by the company's patches, but several experts believe that it was not fully patched by the solutions released. 

That being said, Microsoft will continue to look into the matter, now with RiskIQ by their side to further help in eradicating the zero-day.

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