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"Hollow Knight: Silksong" has released details about the areas where Hornet will be traveling in the second installment of the game. This is the first news that fans got about the video game for months.

Suppose the new areas on "Hollow Knight: Silksong" will have the same level of world-building that was seen in the first installment. In that case, it is possible that the areas will be filled with numerous interesting details that will potentially expand the lore of the game.

Hollow Knight: Silksong Confirmed Areas

In the first installment of the game, the fans were able to explore the map of Hallownest, and it was filled with numerous different areas that each had its own unique characteristics.

These locations were challenging yet fun to explore, and they were all filled with elements that helped players understand the game's lore.

Like the first installment, fans plan to go through every area in Pharloom to unearth the game's narrative in the second installment. There is a lot of information about "Hollow Knight: Silksong's" areas, even though the game has not been released yet.

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So far, there are five areas in Pharloom that have been confirmed: Deep Docks, Moss Grotto, The Citadel, Greymoor, and The Marrow.

Out of these areas, the Deep Docks and Moss Grotto are the ones that fans have had the chance to examine, according to ShackNews.

The Moss Grotto is the first area that Hornet will be exploring in Pharloom. It is where Hornet will break free from her encasement.

The area has points of interest where Hornet can get Rosaries or Silk Flowers, and it has a sub-area called the Old Church.

The Old Church is reached after Hornet defeats the boss, and it is inhabited by the Church Keeper.

Meanwhile, Deep Docks is similar to the Crustal Peaks. Some of the elements that can be found in the area are the Forge Daughter, who will be helping Hornet craft her tools. Deep Docks has a sub-area called Wind Songshrine.

According to GameRant, Greymoor is one of the biggest areas that Team Cherry has designed, and it is bound to make for a better landscape.

The Marrow is similar to Stagways from "Hollow Knight", and it is also the earliest area that Hornet will visit.

Finally, The Citadel will be one of the most important locations for "Hollow Knight: Silksong" in terms of narrative, and it has been described as a holy place by the developers.

Unconfirmed Areas In Hollow Knight: Silksong

Team Cherry has revealed some areas, although they still need to confirm if the areas will be included in the game, according to NPR. 

One of the areas has been identified as the Coral Forest. It has a blue and pink background, and it is reminiscent of a coral reef, and it is similar to the Fog Canyon in "Hollow Knight" as it also appears to have an underwater theme.

Another area is called Lake of Fire or Boneforest, which is a lava-filled area. And there is the Gilded City, which has a lot of ornaments.

"Hollow Knight: Silksong" is currently in development for PC and Switch.

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