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Samsung's SmartThings Energy service will help you keep track of the energy consumption of your household.

With the use of all smart devices that Samsung has in your home, it will be able to track just how much power you use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

SmartThings Energy works by pairing over 40 appliances that all can sync with SmartThings.

Smart And Easy To Use

SmartThings Energy uses applications at homes, such as washing machines, refrigerators, your Samsung Smart TV, and even Samsung Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems called HVAC.

This will allow you to observe just how much energy all items are consuming and compare it with previous months.

You can easily access SmartThings Energy through the Life tab downloadable on your iOS or Android smartphones. It will also be able to notify you about the devices that have been left powered on while you're away from home.

Not only that, but it also warns you that you might be using more energy than you usually need, or set previously to keep you aware of just how much you can spend but more importantly, how much you can save, said TechRadar.

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Additional Features

Samsung's innovations have not only expanded for their smartphones, automobile sensors, but also for their appliances.

SmartThings Energy not only allows you to view your energy consumption through graphs and charts, it also will give you the necessary tips when it comes to saving.

It is not limited to energy saving, but also just how much you'll be saving money if optimizing your systems perfectly. 

Samsung has gone out to explain that it plans on expanding the service to not just Samsung appliances, but even for other brands. However, don't hold your breath just yet as there still is no update as to when this will happen. 

How SmartThings Energy Combats Energy Waste

Energy waste is a major issue around the world, as the US alone wastes 283 kWh of electricity for each person every year. To put it into perspective, it would be like running an electric stove to max settings for six days straight.

Over three-quarters of the US households, and about 40% of UK households already have smart meters installed, meaning that it will automatically provide meter readings not just to you, but to energy providers as well to save time.

It is also overall more convenient.

Smart meters also help you keep track of how much your appliances are costing you.

While smart meters are great, Samsung's SmartThings Energy raises the bar as it can give you estimates, tips, and eventually turn you into an energy-conscious individual, as highlighted by Samsung Newsroom.

As of now, there are only 40 Samsung appliances that can be fully integrated for the use of SmartThings Energy.

However, as Samsung already said that they plan on putting more devices on soon including those that are not of Samsung. It will only be a matter of time until everyone with smart appliances can start estimating and saving energy.

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