'Resident Evil Re:Verse' Pushed to 2022: Here's What to Do If You Bought the Physical Version
(Photo : Screenshot From Resident Evil Website) 'Resident Evil Re:Verse' Pushed to 2022: Here's What to Do If You Bought the Physical Version

'Resident Evil Re:Verse', the multiplayer mode for the much enjoyed "Resident Evil Village," was supposed to come out this July 2021, but it seems like the game will be pushed further into 2022. Here's what to do if you've already purchased the physical version.

Capcom 'Resident Evil Re:Verse'

According to the story by Kotaku, in April 2021, after some "not so great" open betas, Capcom suddenly announced that the game would then be delayed until July. While it's already July, the company once again announces yet another delay.

Developers took it to Twitter to announce that the game will be delayed until 2022. According to the official Twitter account, "Resident Evil Re: Verse" will be moved to 2022. The article by Kotaku notes that there could be a lot wrong at the moment.

What to Do if You Have a 'Resident Evil Re:Verse' Download Code

The announcement notes that the delay is so that the team will be able to continue working on delivering a smooth gameplay experience. This was then accompanied by distant new release date. Gamers are even enjoying a hacked version while waiting for the "Re:Verse" release.

The company also adds that they will be sharing more updated launch details later on while thanking the audience for their patience and understanding. They then reportedly say in another further tweet that for those who already bought the physical version, they should keep their very own "Resident Evil Re:Verse" download code safe somewhere or maybe directly add it to their account now.

'Resident Evil Re:Verse' Pushed Again

This is so that they will be ready when the game officially launches next year. Delays just like this are still very normal for different games developments in the 2020s. It was also noted that since this has always actually been a freebie that was supposed to come along with the current year's enormously popular "Resident Evil: Village," it would just be quite silly to be too disappointed.

The article by Kotaku notes that the company must have already known that it wouldn't be ready to release the game in July since they only did add on at least yet another six months of development time. The question is, why would people have to wait until halfway through the promised month even before admitting it is still nowhere near done?

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'Re:Verse' Delayed Again

According to the article by PC Gamer, "Re:Verse" is actually being developed by NeoBards and Capcom, the studio behind RE3's multiplayer mode, Resistance. Three different beta tests for "Re:Verse" was held back in April, but one of them was still plagued by certain matchmaking issues, as found on Twitter and even closed early.

This is not the very first delay either. The game was previously scheduled for a May release this 2021. PC Gamer notes that it's clear that the developers are still having some issues due to this. Although the previous June 2021 announcement was exciting for most, the delay might get different reactions.

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