Jeff Bezos Blue Origin First Crew Flight to Take Place Soon: Here's How to Watch Online
(Photo : Screenshot From Jeff Bezos Blue Origin First Crew Flight to Take Place Soon: Here's How to Watch Online

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's now former CEO, is gearing up for his company Blue Origin's first ever crewed flight that is set to take place soon. For those that aren't going to join the trip, don't worry, there's a way to watch it online.

Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Set for Upcoming Launch

According to CNet, it is now almost a week since Richard Branson, the Virgin Galactic founder, had just earned his astronaut wings and yet another extremely wealthy human being is getting ready to do the same. This coming July 20, 2021, former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will be strapping himself into a rocket that was built by his spaceflight company Blue Origin to directly blast off to space!

Joining Jeff Bezos will be his brother Mark and should the flight become a success, both the oldest astronaut ever, Wally Funk, an aeronautics pioneer, and the youngest astronaut ever, Oliver Daeman at 18-years old, will be joining the mission. The mission will be the final culmination of about two decades of hard rocket science. 18-year old Oliver Daeman is set to replace a passenger that paid $28 million for a seat!

Blue Origin Launch Schedule July 20, 2021

Blue Origin had officially emerged back in 2015 after more than a decade of silence. It then revealed its reusable rocket called New Shepard. About 15 test flights later, New Shepard is finally ready to take humans to space.

The official flight is scheduled to be on July 20, 20212. Blue Origin's official coverage will start at 4AM PT or 7:30 AM ET. For those that might need a few more moments of sleep on the US west coast before tuning in, the official liftoff is targeted for 6AM PT or 9AM ET.

In order to watch the liftoff live online, make sure to tune in to For those that aren't living in the US, don't worry, we've listed a few other time zones for viewers in different areas to be able to tune in.

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Here are the schedules to other time zones around the world:

  • Schedule for Rio de Janeiro will be at 10AM

  • Schedule for London will be at 2PM

  • Schedule for Johannesburg will be at 3PM

  • Schedule for Moscow will be at 4PM

  • Schedule for Dubai will be at 5PM

  • Schedule for New Delhi will be at 6:30PM

  • Schedule for Beijing will be at 9PM

  • Schedule for Tokyo will be at 10PM

  • Schedule for Sydney will be at 11PM

The question is, with Blue Origin's scheduled launch very soon, how will the company hold in comparison to SpaceX. With the multiple flights that have already been executed by SpaceX, this will be Jeff Bezos' first launch ever with Blue Origin.

The difference, as of the moment, is that Jeff Bezos himself will be on the flight while Elon Musk has not yet gone to space himself. The results of the mission are still unknown but as the launch is scheduled on July 20, 2021, fans will get the results really soon. Everything is set and ready to go as Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin has already been approved by the FAA.

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