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Flightless Bird Comes Back From The Dead 10,000 Years After Its Extinction

How does one beat extinction? These flightless species of rails know how. Here's how these birds evolved twice 10,000 years apart to 'come back from the dead' in the same coral atoll.

Animals May 10, 2019

Winged Dinosaurs Learned To Fly As A Side Effect Of Running

Scientists believe the Caudipteryx may hold the secret to explaining how animals first learned how to fly. The running gait of this early dinosaur caused its wings to involuntarily flap, which may have been a precursor to flight.

Ancient May 5, 2019

Fossilized Feathers Of Winged Dinosaur Anchiornis Offer Clues To How Birds Evolved To Fly

The fossilized feathers of the Anchiornis, a winged dinosaur that lived in China 10 million years before the Archaeopteryx, contain both β-keratins and α-keratins.What does this tell about the transition of dinosaurs to birds?

Animals January 29, 2019

American Airlines Passenger Tries To Bite Flight Attendant, Jumps Off Plane Onto The Tarmac

An American Airlines passenger tried to bite a flight attendant, then managed to open the galley door and jump off the plane to land on the tarmac. The man faces federal charges, with a rescheduled hearing set to take place on June 1.

Feature | Culture May 28, 2017

Family Kicked Out Of JetBlue Flight Over A Birthday Cake: Here's What Happened

A family was booted off a flight to Las Vegas over a birthday cake. The incident happened on May 3, but reports only recently surfaced after the family uploaded a video that they took of what happened that day.

Business Tech May 15, 2017

United Airlines Passenger Says She Was Forced To Pee In A Cup And Shamed For It During 'Worst Flight Ever'

A United Airlines passenger says that she was forced to pee in a cup on a flight, and then shamed for it. The woman says she has an overactive bladder and was not allowed to use the restroom.

Life & Style May 11, 2017

Delta Air Kicks Family Off Flight, Threatening Jail And Foster Care: Can It Do That?

United recently dragged a passenger off a plane, but Delta kicked an entire family off a flight. The family had already paid for the ticket, but Delta threatened to throw the adults in jail and the kids in foster care.

Life & Style May 6, 2017

Airplane Brawl: Passengers' Violent Fist Fight On A Flight Caught On Camera, American Arrested

A violent brawl broke out between two passengers aboard an All Nippon Airways plane, delaying the U.S.-bound flight for an hour and a half. Another passenger caught the fight on camera, and authorities arrested a 44-year-old American man.

Life & Style May 3, 2017

Here’s Why Some US And UK Airlines Are Banning Electronics, Gadgets From Flights

The recent ban on electronics larger than smartphones, as upheld by some U.S. and UK airlines came without sufficient reason. Recent reports, however, have now shed light on the possible cause of the ban.

Security March 28, 2017

Want To Get On The World’s Longest Flight? Book On Qatar Airways’ Doha To NZ Route

The successful arrival of flight QR920 of Qatar Airways from Doha to Auckland in New Zealand marks the world's longest flight to date. Experts predict other major carriers are moving to the direction of ultra long-haul flights.

Business Tech February 7, 2017

This Parrot Wore Goggles, Flew Through A Laser Sheet For Research

A parrot trained to wear safety goggles and fly through a laser sheet has helped scientists discover new insights into flight physics. The findings can help improve the design of flying robots and drones, researchers said.

Animals December 6, 2016

Nonstop Flight: Common Swifts Can Stay Airborne For 10 Straight Months

Researchers have discovered that common swifts can stay in flight for 10 months straight without needing to land. They believe this may have something to do with the animals' diet and method of avoiding predators and parasites on the ground.

Animals October 28, 2016

Maiden Flight Of Helium-Filled Airship Scrubbed Over Technical Glitch

Due to a slight technical glitch, the maiden flight of the world's largest airship has been postponed at the last minute. The airship is prominent for its bulbous front end.

August 15, 2016

Frigate Birds Can Sleep While Flying Mid-Air

Many birds can soar through the skies for weeks without stopping, prompting scientists to wonder whether these animals sleep at all. Now, a new study has revealed that birds can indeed sleep while flying mid-air.

Animals August 5, 2016

High-Speed Video Reveals How Wasps Navigate Way To Their Nest

Using high-speed video, researchers captured the learning flights of wasps, which lend insight into their internal navigation. How do these insects find their way home?

Animals February 13, 2016

Flights From London To New York Could Be Slowed Down By Effects Of Climate Change: Study

Transatlantic passengers may find their flights delayed more as journeys from London to New York could be slowed down by climate change. Researchers blame the delay on increasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Earth/Environment February 10, 2016

Bats Use Massive, Powerful Wings To Land Upside Down

The flying animals tuck one wing in while spreading the other to perform a secret maneuver as they land.

Animals November 20, 2015

Drone Constantly Provides Real-Time Updates of No-Fly Zones

3DR's Solo smart drone is getting just a little bit smarter.

FUTURE TECH November 17, 2015

Emirates Announces World's Longest Nonstop Flight

Emirates will become the holder of the longest continuous airline route in the world with its planned service between Dubai and Panama City that will launch in February next year. The flight will cover a distance of 8,590 miles or 13,821 kilometers.

Business August 17, 2015

Download Movies In Less Than 3 Minutes At Digiboo Airport Kiosks

These clever kiosks are popping up in airports all over America. They offer movie rental downloads in less than three minutes, allowing you to watch on the plane without need for an Internet connection.

Apps/Software August 6, 2015

UK Study Aims To Keep Tabs On Ash Clouds: Safer Flights Without Ash Disruption

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom have discovered a way to potentially map out safe flight routes for airplanes to take during volcanic eruptions.

Earth/Environment May 20, 2015

Watch Two Daredevils In Jetpacks Soar Above Dubai In 4K Resolution

Yves Rossy, a.k.a. Jetman, takes to the skies once again in this stunning 4K video of him and a partner soaring above Dubai.

Internet Culture May 13, 2015

Bat Wings Have Tiny Hairs That Hold The Secret To Their Remarkable Flying Ability

Why are bats such agile fliers? The answer lies in tiny hairs on their wings, according to a new finding.

Animals April 30, 2015

Fruit Flies Demonstrate Flight Tenacity In New Study

Fruit flies have an incredibly fast corrective response time. A recent experiment revealed just how quickly they can recover from intense turbulence.

March 14, 2015

SXSW Bans Drones Because Of 'Safety Risks' Posed To Public

The geek and alternative culture fest won't feature any drone innovations, which is sure to disappoint more than a few attendees who are eager to see the latest innovations with the flying machines. Police say safety for the public is the prime reason for the ban.

FUTURE TECH March 14, 2015

FAA's New Rules To Regulate Commercial Drones Get Mixed Response: The Winners And The Losers

The FAA has released a new set of rules for drone operation and they are more lenient than expected. The rules may, however, put a damper on Amazon's plans to deliver products via drones.

FUTURE TECH February 20, 2015

Flight Stream Lets You Toy With A Cool Visualization Of Global Flight Traffic

A new web app from Flight Stream provides a startling visualization of global flight traffic. The interactive rotating model predictably shows Europe and the eastern seaboard of the United States as the busiest hot spots.

Animals February 18, 2015

Hummingbirds Are Not Experts at Hovering After All: Background Motion Distracts Them [Video]

If the hovering ability of the hummingbird were a software, it would have some glitches despite the fact that the tiny flappers rely on this for their survival. This bug emerges when the bird is exposed to certain images.

Earth/Environment December 10, 2014

Not just a myth: Airlines are boarding their planes wrong

Discovery Channel's 'Mythbusters' found that most airlines are boarding their planes in the slowest and most inefficient way possible. So what boarding method works best?

Internet Culture September 25, 2014

Bardarbunga burp puts Iceland on red alert

An eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland has been seen, and more may be coming, possibly crippling flights around Europe.

Animals August 26, 2014

Dinosaurs shrank and evolved into birds to survive

Theropods, a type of flightless meat-eating dinosaur, evolved into smaller forms over 50 million years, developing into birds, according to a new study.

Animals August 1, 2014

New four-winged dino fossil has longest feathers to date, but how did it fly?

A new Changyuraptor yangi fossil discovered in China may be instrumental to learning more about early flight by dinosaurs, as well as the missing link between birds and dinosaurs.

Animals July 15, 2014

Answer humanity's biggest problem and £10 million Longitude Prize can be yours

The Longitude Prize has been revived 300 years after it was first introduced. The organizers of the prize are hoping that it could spur the development of solutions to some of humankind's greatest problems.

Life May 22, 2014

NASA helps in search of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Space agencies around the world, including NASA, are now on the lookout for missing Malaysian airliner MH370. How can they help?

Animals March 15, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370 mystery deepens: Phone calls go unanswered, oil slicks not from missing plane, 4 passengers used stolen passports to board

Questions around the missing Malaysian Airlines flight (MH370) continue, with no answers apparent as yet. Oil slicks thought to be from the plane are now found unrelated, while some relatives have been able to call passenger's phones.

Society March 10, 2014

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