Samsung and Xiaomi Beat Apple in Vendor Ranking | Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Q2 2021 Numbers Revealed
(Photo : Screenshot From Samsung and Xiaomi Beat Apple in Vendor Ranking | Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Q2 2021 Numbers Revealed

Samsung and Xiaomi came out in first and second place respectively ranking on the worldwide smartphone shipment Q2 2021 numbers. Apple, on the other hand, ended up at 3rd place on the list.

Xiaomi Q2 2021 Growth

According to XDA-developers, Xiaomi's growth over the past years as a smartphone manufacturer has been massive. This is especially true throughout the past 5 years.

They have reportedly gone from their branding as an "affordable alternative" to finally be the main option for a number of users all around the world especially for those emerging markets. The value proposition device lineups just like the Xiaomi Redmi Note series offer still remains unmatched and now seems to be getting better.

Xiaomi Came Up with 17% of Smartphone Shipments

Xiaomi has reportedly gained a solid following and device sales in the millions over the past few years. The question is, just how far has Xiaomi grown? Aside from the smartphone market, Xiaomi has been focusing on other products as well like the 200W HyperCharge charger.

Canalys shows that Xiaomi grew to become the world's second-largest smartphone vendor during Q2 of 2021. Xiaomi was reportedly responsible for 17% of the total smartphone shipments throughout the period. The company ended up close to Samsung raking in 19% of total smartphone shipments.

Apple, Oppo, and Vivo Lag Behind

The company reportedly took over Apple trailing behind at a significant 14% with Oppo and Vivo responsible for just 10% each. For Xiaomi, this reportedly represents a tremendous growth in comparison to where they were a year before. Their year-on-year growth came in with a massive 83% despite the whole COVID-19 pandemic, which started early last year.

Meanwhile, all of the other companies reportedly grew at a smaller scale. Samsung grew by 15% while Oppo and Vivo reportedly grew by 28% and 27% respectively. Apple, on the other hand, grew by just 1%. 

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Xiaomi Budget and Previous Devices

As of the moment, it's not really hard to see why Xiaomi is now having this kind of success. They are now selling everything from below $100-smartphones all the way up to different premium devices just like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra as well as the Mi MIX fold. As of the moment, that is pretty much everything that a smartphone enthusiast might want to see.

They reportedly have quite a strong presence in different emerging world markets like India, where they are now seeing most of their success. The bulk of their sales, however, comes from cheaper devices. Although they aren't really a stronghold of either Samsung or Apple. Apple, however, has just recently broken the $1.5 trillion mark as the 1st publicly traded US company to do so.

Both Oppo and Vivo, along with Oppo's very own sub-brand Realme, are now directly competing with Xiaomi at their very own game. The article by XDA-developers then notes that further growth might actually be harder to attain going forward. With Xiaomi suddenly rising up the ranks, it's interesting to see what the growth results will be like once the smartphone market finally concludes the growth of these companies by the end of 2021.

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