Apple Employees Might Quit Their Job if the Company Denies Remote Work Requests As COVID-19 Vaccination Rolls Out
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Employees Might Quit Their Job if the Company Denies Remote Work Requests As COVID-19 Vaccination Rolls Out

Apple employees could quit their job if the company denies their workers' remote working requests. As the COVID-19 vaccination is starting to progress around the world, Apple is now encouraging its employees to start to return to work in person.

Apple Employees Request for Remote Work

According to 9to5mac, not everyone currently seems willing to return to the office once again. Some of these employees are even saying that they will then be leaving the company if ever the company denies their request to work from home.

In another news report from The Verge, it was revealed that Apple has actually been denying even more requests coming from their employees that have decided that they want to continue working from home instead of adopting the new hybrid model. In a Slack channel with a huge 6,000 members, employees argue that they will then leave the company if Apple does not change its current decision.

Apple Discourages Employees from Remote Work

It was noted that while Apple had historically discouraged its employees from working directly from home, there were still some one-off exceptions to this particular rule and some teams were more lenient compared to others. As of the moment, employees state that even those particular exceptions are being denied. The company was initially affected with the pandemic as well as Apple stores also had to be shut down.

In a company Slack channel where employees advocate for remote work, roughly about 10 people stated that they were resigning due to the whole hybrid work policy or even knew others who might have been forced to quit. Some employees who are on an Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation will still be granted the work from home option.

The Grant Could be Denied

If Apple, however, decides to return to the office permanently, the accommodation will eventually be denied. The company gives its employees 30 days for them to look for a new job if it decides to deny medical accommodation. Apple is offering employees that got the COVID-19 vaccine paid leaves.

The Verge was told that the company has already been asking for medical records in order to decide if employees will be approved to work directly from home which, according to them, started to make some people feel uncomfortable.

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90% of Employees Want Flexibility

Some time last month, an internal survey that was organized by employees at Apple showed that at least 90% of employees still want flexibility when it comes to working remotely. The company, however, argues that working in person is considered essential and expects everyone in order to be back in the office some time soon.

Employees even directly sent a letter straight to Apple CEO Tim Cook in order to ask for changes. However, these requests were still denied. With things just starting to ease up after the pandemic, it is still unknown as to whether the employees' requests will be permanently denied or whether Apple will decide to make changes later on.

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