HALIO, a global leader in electrochromic smart glass, entered a partnership deal with architectural glass leader Viracon to combine their technologies in the face of worsening climate change.

Combining breakthrough smart glass expertise with top-quality single-source glass fabrication, Viracon has formally announced its Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO. The new architectural glass product delivers unique electrochromic smart glass capabilities and sets a new standard for both glass markets.

Smart Glass in a Building Meeting Room
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Viracon PLUS Smart Glass, Powered by HALIO

In a press release from Viracon, it announced that their new collaborative project "represents a long awaited evolution in smart glass offerings." Using the electrochromic smart glass technology by HALIO, users can easily switch between an untinted mode for crystal clear view, or a cooler neutral gray when it is tinted. The new architectural glass windows now have the power for cloud-based controls, thanks to its Internet of Things (IoT) ready sensors, combined with a state-of-the-art rooftop skycam and a large internet pipe. These capabilities allow rapid and incremental response to changing environmental conditions either outside or inside or even set the window to exhibit automated response from the utility provider. 

"As the technological leader in electrochromic glass, with years of development underlying these breakthroughs, Halio is committed to producing the most advanced solution that excels in both form and function, delivering the world's most beautiful smart glass," says Bruce Sohn, HALIO CEO. He adds that through the Viracon PLUS partnership, they are looking to serve developers and architects aiming to meet the challenges of climate change without compromise on aesthetics or design ratios.

With the new Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO, building managers can now take the harmony of lighting, HVAC systems, and building facade into a single solution, virtually eliminating the need for interior blinds and exterior shades. Additionally, buildings glazed with Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by HALIO now have the intelligence and sophistication for automated response and the future-proofing against more stringent standards.

Healthier Buildings from A Healthy Collaboration

"Our customers have anticipated a product that allows building owners more control of their building's interior environment while delivering unparalleled exterior tint uniformity to meet the new realities of climate change and energy codes," says Garret Henson, Viracon VP of Sales and Marketing.

The new glass technology is the first fruit of the Viracon and HALIO partnership, designed to accelerate technology in architectural glass and bring them to the market that needs them. Through the Viracon PLUS strategic partnership program, Viracon was able to integrate its expertise and scalability in glass fabrication with HALIO's smart-tinting technology. The partnership, as evidenced by the latest Viracon PLUS Smart Glass, shows how the industry-leading electrochromic glass seamlessly combines to form an insulated glass without suffering from quality or performance issues.

The Viracon PLUS program empowers the architectural glass designer and developer to team up with leading technology companies and together, develop new and game-changing products that send architectural glass to the next level.


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