The Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster was seen at blazing fast speeds while traveling the rocky terrains of Mars in the latest trailer of Tencent's "Game for Peace." Elon Musk shared the action-packed video of the upcoming electric vehicles on his Twitter account.

Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster on Mars? Tencent Games Trailer Flaunts Upcoming EVs—Elon Musk Approves?
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Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster were seen on Mars, at least in the video game trailer by Tencent. Did Elon Musk give his seal of approval?

It is not the first time that Tesla and Tencent Games collaborated, bringing EVs to the virtual world of a battle royale.

For instance, back on July 24, Tencent's Chinese "PUBG Mobile" that goes by the name "Game for Peace" introduced a purple skin for a virtual Model 3, which could be purchased in-game.

To further excite the fans of the game and the all-electric vehicle, a real-life skinned Tesla was seen in Shanghai flaunting the exact details of the game release, AFKGaming reported. It is to note that the collaboration was exclusively available in the Asian country.

Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster on Mars?

For the second time, the Chinese exclusive battle royale has another treat for Tesla fans, including two upcoming EVs, the Cybertruck and the next-generation Roadster, as per Teslarati.

The trailer begins with a scene that interestingly lands the Tesla Roadster on Mars. Then, the upcoming Cybertruck joins the hype as it speeds alongside the electric sports car on the rocky and dusty terrain.

Seeing the EVs speeding along the surface of the Red Planet seems like a scene from a sci-fi movie, although it has video game graphics.

That said, the two vehicles, later on, used the power of time travel to go back to 15 years ago, and that is where the action begins with futuristic robots harassing the Teslas with their high powered weaponry.

Tencent's 'Game for Peace' Trailer

The trailer for Tesla China and Tencent's latest collaboration was created by a Twitter user who goes by the name NutT4y alongside INFINI.

The former tweeted saying that "it's been an honor for me to make the Mars fantasy come alive," adding that he hopes that the Tesla CEO appreciated the action-packed video, which featured two of his vehicles.

Musk posted a 48-second clip of the originally 2-minute trailer on his Twitter account, captioning it with "Cybrrrtruck," which Teslarati dubbed in the same report as a "seal of approval" from the Tesla boss.

It is worth noting that Tesla China and Tencent Games previously invited NutT4y to create a promotional animation of a separate "Game for Peace" and Tesla collab back on November 9, 2020. It was when the purple Model S was still being teased.

The creator further noted that Elon Musk liked his project for the two tech giants back then.

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Tesla and PUBG Mobile

Beyond China, Tesla and Tencent recently included the Tesla Gigafactory in the global version of the "PUBG Mobile." But the collab does not end there. Both the Model Y and Semi Truck also graced the smartphone version of the battle royale.

Elsewhere, Elon Musk admits that the Tesla Cybertruck has a chance to end up being a flop, but he doesn't care.

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