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Very has now opened its online stores for people wanting to get the next-generation console, PlayStation 5.

Once you click on the link, it will forward you to a waiting room that refreshes over 30-second intervals over time. 

It's still unclear if you can get the next-gen base console as is or with bundles as there still is no change to the waiting room page as of this writing.

You're in the Waiting Room!

The waiting room is established for people to basically "wait" for more updates on the release of the PS5 console together with others, as the site says.

"Sorry, we're currently experiencing high demand for some of our products and services. Hang on in there; it shouldn't be too much longer."

There still is no update on how long you are supposed to wait, but given how quickly the PS5 consoles are sold within minutes of their release, it would probably be worth the wait. However, it is clear that once people have a chance to access the site, then it will be quickly sold out given previous online purchases.

Click the link here to get in line in the waiting room in your hopes of nabbing your PS5 console.

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PS5 Still High on Demand

The PS5 is still in high demand for most countries as stocks are flying out the digital and physical shelves once an announcement has been made by respective stores.

Stocks from stores that sell the product can be called "sporadic" at best, says TechRadar

It seems that the trend will continue to be the same for quite a while, given how many millions of players still don't have access to the next-gen consoles simply because it's sold out or unavailable in some countries yet.

If ever you missed out on Very's PS5 stock or just want to know where are the best places to purchase a PS5, keep in touch with us here at Tech Times as we list retailers that we collated over time.

There are still many PS5 retailers out there, but as for restocks, it's only a matter of time as stocks trickle in slowly amongst all the sellers. 

Sony Direct's Second PS5 Restock

Sony Direct is also hosting its second PS5 restock on Tuesday, July 20. The invite-only rollout will begin at 12 noon Pacific Time or 3 PM Eastern Standard.

The restock announcement came in days after the recent invite-only event last Friday, July 16. It's also unclear as to what happens for the second restock as Sony didn't open a virtual queue for people the first time around. 

However, in the event that Sony will drop the general queue for the public, it will be an hour or two after the invite-only will begin.

The price for the PS5 will be $499 and the PS5 Digital for only $399, as reported by the PS% tracker Wario64.

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