Global synthesizer developer Modal Electronics has announced Volume 2 for its hit Argon Series factory library, coming together with its latest Firmware v2.4 update.

Driven by its own wavetable architecture creating a rich, dynamic, and unique range of sounds, Modal Electronics' ARGON Series has established itself among musicians, producers, engineers, and creators as among the best modern wavetable synths available in the market today. By combining a variety of real-time controls that manages all aspects and levels of synth parameters with full MPE support, 1:1 MODALapp integration, studio-friendly I/O interface, as well as a nod to the legacy of its now-legendary 00 Series synthesizers. A masterpiece of art and technology, Modal Electronics has created a perfect sound design playground with its ARGON Series.

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Factory Library Volume 2 and Firmware v2.4

With the new update, Factory Preset libraries for ARGON8, ARGON8M, and ARGON8X are expected to give creators and producers a new creative boost while demonstrating these mainstays' new and improved capability in the Modal Electronics Line. Boasting all-new presets - 300 of them - plus 100 MPE-ready patches coming from the previously released Volume 1 library: containing deep, thunderous basslines, mutable soundscapes, cutting-edge leads, and a collection of audio samples inspired by world music.

The Factory Library Volume 2 is only a part of the recently launched Firmware v2.4 from Modal Electronics, which also includes the following patches and improvements:

  • More LFO synced divisions
  • An Extended Oscillator Drift added to the upper range of Drift control
  • A 'Master' Clock Source mode that sends out MIDI clock
  • Better MIDI reliability for macOS Big Sur
  • Better arpeggiator sync when while working with external sequencers
  • Better behavior from pedal expressions
  • Better LFO1 sync when clocking from external MIDI.

About the ARGON Series

The critically-acclaimed ARGON Series from Modal Electronics is a sophisticated wavetable engine primed for creating any genre of music, thanks to thousands of its audio combinations made possible with seamless waveform morphic features and a massive 32-piece static wavetable modifiers for more variety. Combining this with four more morphable filter types, plus two flexible audio rate LFOs (one of them being polyphonic), three dedicated envelopes for the filter, amp, and modulation sources. Top it off with an advanced 12-slot modulation matrix, making the ARGON Series a sought-after to any sound-making arsenal.

About MODALapp

Modal Electronics has released its free-to-use MODALapp to allow screen-based editing of all ARGON Series parameters to increase the portability and mobility of creating unique and breathtaking soundscapes. Available as standalone software for various platforms - iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, and Android systems - as well as in VST3 and AU plug-in formats,the MODALapp is the one-stop-shop for synth enthusiasts that are looking to deep dive and access all sound forming and performance parameters to create a truly unique sound. Additionally, the MODALapp is a great backup for managing audio patches and sequences.

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