PS5 UK Restock July 23: Argos, Scan, ShopTo and More
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For UK residents, here are the potential shops to visit for the next PS5 restock.

PS5 restocks in the UK have been slow over the past months due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Finding Sony's console these days became much harder since the global chip shortage is still hitting several semiconductor companies.

Last May, fans grew excited about knowing that restocks in the United Kingdom were gradually coming back to normal.

Many retailers have opened their stores for those who still do not have PS5 consoles.

So far, July has been a comfortable month for those who want to acquire the gadget. Restocks have been replenishing week after week from stores like John Lewis and Amazon.

This week, we witnessed some supplies coming from Game, Argos, Smyths, and Very. Before we head to the weekend, let's discover the other retail shops that could bring PS5 restocks to the table.

What Stores Should You Visit This Week

Asda PS5 Restock

The UK-based news outlet, the Independent said that Asda could be the next landing spot of the PS5 restocks in the country. According to the trackers, the retailer could potentially drop supplies this week.

On Thursday, July 22, we saw the availability of PS5 in the shop. At 9 AM, there are still some stocks pouring from the store.

Last time, @PS5Instant predicted that Asda will deliver a live PS5 sale sometime around July 13 to 21. However, it did not come true according to plans. 

John Lewis PS5 Restock

Last week, July 13, we saw John Lewis distributing PS5 stocks at its regular drop time of 7 AM. Many people have been visiting this shop recently, and some said that it would drop another wave of stocks in the weekend.

From what we heard from another UK tracker @PS5StockAlertUK, fans could expect that John Lewis will start accepting a new batch of consoles on Saturday, July 26. For that part, the problem is the limited number of available consoles.

The insider said that it will only unveil 1,872 consoles.

If you want to buy a PS5 from this retailer, make sure that you are always on time. You could miss the hype train in just 15 minutes if you are slow.

Once the shipments are finished, be ready for the live event that could happen on July 27-29.

ShopTo PS5 Restock

ShopTo had the last PS5 restock on July 11. Many consumers queued in the store in hopes of acquiring PS5, yet only a few were able to buy PS5 bundles. In just 30 minutes, the stocks were sold out.

The bundle could include "Ratchet and Clank," and a digital copy for "Resident Evil Village." Besides the two games, you can also receive midnight, black-colored dual sense controllers. 

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Scan PS5 Restock

Last July 9 at 1:30 PM, we spotted Scan's PS5 restocks in the UK. In less than three minutes, the stocks have disappeared. 

According to a famous tracker from the UK, it's best to open the retailer's website using Opera Mini, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It further recommends that you should not use Google Chrome when accessing Scan's page.

PS5 UK Restock Predictions 

So far, here's a heads-up for the potential PS5 retailers in the United Kingdom.

  • ASDA (July 20-22) @ 7-9 AM

  • Argos (July 20-23) @ 8 AM

  • AO (July 20-22) @ 9 AM -12 PM

  • GAME (July 20-22) @ 9-11 AM

  • ShopTo (July 20-25) @ 9 AM - 12 PM

  • Scan (July 23) @ 3-5 PMV

  • ery (July 20-22) @ 9 AM-12PM 

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