The Windows 11 Update would soon come to bring an upgrade to some Microsoft apps, known to have classic looks before the new operating system version. This includes Paint, Photos, Calculator, PowerToys, and other built-in applications. The expansion of Windows 11 is massive, and it focuses on creating a uniform UI, much like Windows 10. 

However, Windows 10 has some applications that it has not upgraded in the new UI despite the great change the Windows OS has portrayed to a whole different level. Also, this upgrade would only happen after Windows 10's six-year reign. 

Windows 11 Update: Microsoft Apps Upgrade

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UKRAINE - 2021/06/24: In this photo illustration a Windows 11 logo is seen on a smartphone screen with a Microsoft website in the background. Microsoft has presented Windows 11, new generation of Windows operating system (OS), during an event on June 24, 2021.

Amidst this upgrade, Microsoft has rolled out the Insider Preview Build 22000.65 version, and it would give everyone that has signed up as developers to try the update. This would give them an initial preview of the work in progress that Microsoft is doing for Windows, as well as everything it has already fixed. 

On the other hand, apart from the fix and upgrades from the Insider Preview Build, users would soon see an upgrade of their Windows 11. And while most of them are cosmetics, they would still breathe a new life to some old apps which UIs were left in time. 

This includes some classic apps like Calculator, Photos, Paint, and more, as reported by Windows Latest.

What is more iconic here is that Microsoft is empowering "PowerToys," something which has been brought back to Windows 10, all the way from Windows 95. 

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First off is the Calculator. Now, this app was not exactly "left" in the past UI by Microsoft, as Windows 10 gave it almost the same theme as its previous user interface. 

However, what it would feature now is a rounded-edge app, featuring the colors and theme of Windows 11 with light blue, white, and black. 


The Paint application has featured the UI or appearance to that of Windows 7, even with the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Having said that, it would soon get its most awaited UI upgrade, which would give it a refreshed look. 

What it would change is the "rigid" feels of the application as an old-school-looking experience to create minor edits or doodle. 


Photos might be an app that has been introduced in Windows 8 which is something to match the macOSX, but it still gave storing images in Microsoft to have a gallery. This pushed the app more to its previous storage on a folder. 


The PowerToys returns from Windows 10, and previously, from Windows 95. Microsoft is empowering the application and is not stopping its development, unlike the Internet Explorer which would say farewell next year. 

This tool would Microsoft Windows users to its variety of features, something which has been enjoyed on its version released almost 20 years ago. 

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