[Update] Monkeypox Being Monitored in Colorado as Two People were Potentially Exposed on Flight
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) [Update] Monkeypox Being Monitored in Colorado as Two People were Potentially Exposed on Flight

Colorado is currently monitoring two individuals who had potential exposure to monkeypox after they had reportedly encountered an infected traveler on a particular flight. The CDPHE tackles the matter saying both individuals are showing no symptoms of infection.

CDPHE Confirms Monkeypox

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have just confirmed the information to FOX31 regarding the monkeypox issue. The CDPHE noted that at the time, both of the individuals appeared healthy and had no symptoms of infection.

Travelers are reportedly being monitored on a daily basis by public health through July 30, 2021, which is said to be the end of the whole monkeypox incubation period, according to the CDPHE. The news reportedly comes after a certain Texas man was initially diagnosed with this disease somewhere during mid-July when he had returned to the US from traveling to Lagos, Nigeria.

Monkeypox is a Rare Disease

Monkeypox is considered a rare disease that is caused by infection with the monkeypox virus. As of the moment, it's only been documented just six times outside of Africa, according to the CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC has also released a list of symptoms that could point out what the effects of monkeypox are. Most of the symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19 with a few differences. The CDC also warns of a superbug fungus which can reportedly spread from patient to patient.

Here are the Monkeypox symptoms to watch out for:

  • Headache

  • Fever

  • Backache

  • Muscle ache

  • Chills

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Exhaustion

Monkeypox Contract Tracing

To be more specific, the CDC notes that within the first to third day, or sometimes longer, after the first appearance of fever, the patient will then develop a rash and this will often start on their face before the rash spreads to other body parts. The article notes that for those with additional questions regarding how to keep themselves from being infected with the monkeypox virus, they are advised to visit CDC Prevention.

BBC notes that over 200 people in 27 different states in the US are now being tracked for the possible rare monkeypox infection, according to health officials. They reportedly fear that people might have come into contact with a particular Texas man who reportedly brought the disease from Nigeria earlier this July, 2021.

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CDC Expresses Concern for Passengers

The man is believed to be the first ever monkeypox case that has ever hit the United States ever since 2003 and was taken directly to the hospital but still remained in a stable condition. The CDC has noted that it is concerned for the passengers that were supposedly on board two different flights that the man might have had direct exposure to the disease.

He reportedly flew into Atlanta, Georgia coming from Lagos, Nigeria on July 9, 2021. This was before he took a flight to Dallas where he was then hospitalized according to the CDC. The signs of a possible monkeypox outbreak are now becoming an alarming issue in the United States.

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