Apple's Q2 2021 earnings report showed the outstanding contribution of the iPhone 12 that boosted the sales to as much as $39.6 billion for the smartphone alone. This has made the Cupertino giant's second-quarter face a massive high, and it has crushed its sales absolutely, thanks to the iPhone.

The report shows an outstanding performance for the company, but it may not be for long.

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Other companies have released their Q2 2021 earnings report for their investors and the public, where they have detailed their wins and losses in the past three months of the year.

One of the biggest winners this quarter is electric car manufacturer, Tesla, which has delivered more than its expected number of vehicles, amidst the chip shortage.

iPhone 12: Record-Breaking Quarterly Sales

iPhone 12
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iPhone 12 sales

It was reported by CNBC that one of the key things on Apple's Q2 2021 earnings report, which they refer to as the third-quarter report, is the iPhone 12's success on the market. This quarter alone has raised the expectations by 50 percent in the annual expectations of the iPhone sales. Moreover, it sold as much as $39.57 billion alone. 

The popularity of the iPhone 12 has been attributed to its new features and sleek design, along with its fresh new colors to choose from. Additionally, this is the only iPhone among the lineup that is sporting the modern cellular network connection of 5G. 

Among the variants of the smartphone, iPhone 12 Pro Max is a best-selling device, and it has made its company proud.

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Chip Shortage Dooms iPhone 12 Production

iPhone 12 Pro
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TOKYO, JAPAN - 2021/06/06: In this photo illustration, Apples iPhone 12 seen placed on a MacBook Pro.

However, if there is good news, there is also bad news for this win by Apple. The iPhone 12 was revealed to have hit something that the company is fearing: chip shortage. 

Despite Apple having its design of unified ARM-chip for the iPhone 12 known as the A14 Bionic, it is still facing a shortage issue that dooms its distribution. 

This was also revealed in Apple's report, which the company has released earlier via live stream. Apple said that it would continue to ramp up the production of these chips and try to have them delivered in time for assembly and distribution, to offset the chip shortage issues.

Apple Q2 2021 Earnings Report 

Apple should bask in the glory of its recent third-quarter report this 2021, especially as the company exceeded expectations and crushed its June records for its devices and technology. Apple's revenue is up by 36 percent, having accumulated $81.4 billion compared to their expected numbers around $73.3 billion.

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